Some advice

When writing letters to the reader’s opinion page and wanting to have your thoughts recognized as legitimate, you really need to re-think a few things.

Calling people names, showing hatred to either political party, and labeling other people’s thoughts with disrespect, you have just lost all credibility for anything you write.

Having an opinion is one thing, hate speech is another.

Gary Hansen


How will it work?

Reading in the Valley Press, the California crazy train is still being built but only from north of Bakersfield to near Madera in the Central Valley. According to the news report, the cost was raised to $13.5 billion. 

Basic division shows that the tracks being built will cost California taxpayers over $113 million dollars per mile. Even the most expensive freeway costs a less than a million dollars per mile.

This is just one more example of the incompetence of the Governor and state government. Every business model shows that this train from nowhere to the other side has no possibility of paying for itself. 

The proposition that authorize the train forbids state general funds money be used to operate it. And now the state wants to administer the distribution of the COVID-19 shots. How’s that going to work?

Jim Gardner



Just consider that the Congressional Democrats and Republicans think that Trump is Constitutional eligible to be impeached even though the language is clear that the president must be in office, and that President Trump is wicked also believe:

There are more than two genders. Abortion on demand is justified. Guns kill people. Illegal immigrants aren’t illegal. Obamacare is working and lowers healthcare insurance costs and the cost of healthcare. High taxes are good. Disrespecting the National Anthem is OK. That neither of Kamala Harris’ parents were not citizens she is as qualified to be VP as is a naturalized citizen and, climate change is real.

Richard Skidmore


Character matters

Recently, the AVP, reported that Palmdale was going to celebrate Black History Month with an essay contest for the young.  

I thought the entry age discriminating. So, I moved the goal post. Shh. Don’t tell. I chose to highlight Doctor Percy (1899-1975) Julian. A man who, despite segregation, received a Ph.D. in chemistry. 

One evening, while channel surfing, I stopped on PBS. According to a program on Nova, titled, “The forgotten genius,” Julian grew up in the Jim Crow south. Among his childhood memories were finding a lynched man in the Alabama woods. 

Upon entry to adulthood, his parents enrolled him at DePauw University. Despite being the subject of humiliation, he graduated class valedictorian. He received a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Vienna. When he returned to the states, he applied for a job at Dupont. He got the job, but when he showed for the interview they told him, “Oh. We didn’t know you were Black.” 

Turns out, Dupont’s loss was America’s gain. He was hired by Glidden’s paints. Yes, Glidden’s. Due to his research, Glidden’s hold’s 109 patents on: Human hormones, such as progesterone, testosterone and cortisone, just to name a few. 

Since World War II, Glidden’s version of fire fighting foam, pioneered by Julian, has been used by the US Navy and is credited with saving the lives of thousands of sailors and airman. Interesting, isn’t it?  

Doctor Julian’s life under segregation saved lives. How about that. So, remember. The next time you’re in the paint department at Lowes or Home Depot. Give a quiet shout out to the spirit of Doctor Julian. And don’t let anybody trick you into thinking content of character doesn’t matter.   

Robert MC Gregor


What he’s done

In the first 10 days of the Biden administration, he has ruled by fiat, exactly what he said he would not do. Over 40 executive actions have rolled off his desk. He has:

• Canceled permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline causing immediate loss of 11,000 high-paying and highly skilled construction jobs and uncountable jobs in support industries, operations, small businesses, hotels and restaurants.

• Re-entered the Paris climate accords, which will cost US taxpayers billions of dollars and cost developing nations (e.g. China) nothing for the next decade.

• Re-entered the JCPOA with Iran which has violated elements of the deal (not treaty, which it should have been) by enriching Uranium to 20%.

• Renewed the START agreement with Russia for five years to limit nukes without any conditions on their tactical nuclear weapons, caving to Putin.

• Re-instated Critical Race Theory training within the federal government to promote the racist idea of “white privilege” invented by academia.

• Promoted rights to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports that will ruin female competition for sports scholarships and recognition.

• Re-instated transgender personnel to participate in the armed forces increasing the overhead cost of deploying national defense to the detriment of morale.

• Discontinued the 1776 Initiative to provide schools with the patriotic viewpoint of American History to contrast the poisonous New York Times 1619 Project proposing that slavery built America.

Mandated federal minimum wage to be set at $15 per hour which will ruin small business and deprive youth in getting on the economic ladder.

Discontinued deportations by ICE causing illegal immigrant criminals to be released in America.

Stopped construction of the border wall, the announcement of which caused a caravan to form headed for our southern border.

Sam Kilanowski


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