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For inciting insurrection, Donald J. Trump should be brought up on criminal charges under federal law 18 USC ch. 115 §2383: “Whoever incites…insurrection…shall be…fined…imprisoned…or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” The penalty could be $10,000, ten years in prison, and incapable of holding office. Even though the fine is nothing to a billionaire, Trump would be 85 before he left prison — an ultimate humiliation.

In House Resolution 24, the House claims that Trump incited insurrection by telling the people, “If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore.” It continues to state that he made “…false claims…” about the election.

Why are the Democrats in Congress taking the path of impeachment — which may not be constitutional when a president is out of office — instead of the more severe path of criminal trial and conviction? The answer is simple: there is not enough evidence that rises to the level of a criminal conviction for insurrection; so the Democrats have once again chosen their political three-ringed circus.

James Madison had fears that impeachment would be used by the Senate to overthrow a president for political reasons. This was referenced in John F. Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage, when he extolled the courage of Senator Edmund Ross’ vote for acquittal of President Andrew Johnson — conviction failed by one vote.

In Trump’s speech, he states, “…marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” Throughout the speech he used the word “fight,” which did not mean a bellicose action.

Since 2000, Democrats have challenged the electoral votes of every Republican win. Democrat members of Congress have used words “overwhelming evidence of official misconduct,” “fraudulent,” “stolen,” and “inaccurate” to describe those elections.

R.D. Smith


Nothing has changed

On 4 Feb 2021, Mr. Horner criticized Mr. Marsh’s letter regarding former President Trump writing: “Trump created the best economy for all ethnic groups… The Democrats have not changed, [sic] they for the last 70 years have reslaved the black community…” Horner fails to provide facts.

For example, it is said that “…Black unemployment rate had dropped to 6% in Jan 2020.” However, it is still “…almost twice the White unemployment rate of 3.1%. “The Economic State Of Black America in 2020,” Joint Economic Committee.

On 5 Feb 2021, Mr. Kilanowski denied that institutional racism exists. Regarding criminal justice, Kilanowski writes that numerous attorneys general and judges are black, and Trump signed the First Step Act to implement criminal justice reform. However, “…White applicants with criminal records have been shown to receive as many callbacks for interviews as similarly qualified Black applicants without criminal records. Pg. 20

Kilanowski writes that previous Presidents have “…taken executive action to improve employment for all minority populations.” For example, Kilanowski states that affirmative action has helped Blacks gain an advantage in college admission.

However, “college-educated Black workers are also at a higher rate than their White counterparts of being underemployed — working in occupations that do not make use of their education…” pg. 10.

 If affirmative action works, why are resumes with “Black sounding” names have fewer job interviews? That type of hiring discrimination has been this way for the past 25 years. (pgs. 6 & 7).

Kilanowski writes that health care has improved for all minorities. However, he has misread the website that he quoted. “Blacks. …continued to fare worse than whites across most examined health status…” “Key Facts On Health & Health Care By Race & Ethnicity”, Figure 4.

All facts above demonstrate institutional racism as a normal practice designed to discriminate.

Vincent White


Now it’s about abortion

Once more, Vincent White has taken to attacking myself and other conservatives. He says “Two of the big three of Gardner, O’Connor and Thacker embrace Christianity, but remained silent about Christianity when rioters used it as justification to attack the Capitol.”

First, as is the usual case, there has not been an investigation of what took place at the Capitol and he has already blamed Skip Thacker, Jim Gardner and myself for what took place there. For the life of me I don’t get it.

Apparently, I am lacking in my duties as a Christian according to Mr. White as I have not written in to condemn these evil acts perpetrated by others especially Christians. Let me put it out there for the record once again. I wholeheartedly condemn all things evil no mater your religion.

Can Mr. White or any other “Christian” that ever voted for a Democrat please explain to me how you can be a “Christian” and support the only political party that supports abortion on demand up to the day a child is born? You may think that storming the Capital is a greater offence but I disagree.

There are nearly one million abortions per year in the United States with the majority of them being Black babies. I don’t recall reading any of Mr. Whites letters addressing and condemning this fact as a Christian or an accountant.

President Obama, President Biden, Vice President Harris, Speaker Pelosi, all Democrats, all claim to be Christians all support abortion. Virtually every Democrat in elected office supports abortion wholeheartedly.

Your silence on this topic is ear-piercing. I may have voted for President Trump but I never voted to kill babies. When you voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris you voted for that evil. Please explain.

Jack O’Connor


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