What’s good for the GOP is good for the Dems

So rep Greene was relieved of her committee assignments because of some weird things she posted awhile back. Rep Swallwell is still on the intelligence committee after sleeping with a Chinese spy, that’s right there’s a D in front of his name so it’s okay he didn’t do anything wrong.

What’s in the water of rep schiftless district? James Rogan was representative there until he was manager of the slick Willey impeachment trial. Adam shiftless had irrefutable evidence for the last four years that President Trump colluded with the Russians but he never showed so much as one piece of paper or one email to prove anything. But somehow he keeps getting reelected. Oh yeah he has a D in front of his name.

I can understand why liberals get the vapors whenever confronted with the truth. If you watch the mainstream media they say anything conservative is now something to do with terrorism. But Mad Maxine can call for her people to get in the face of Trump voters and say they are not wanted in her district.

Obiden, can say he didn’t want to debate President Trump but take him behind the gymnasium and punch him in the face. That’s okay he’s a Democrat. Senator chucky Schumer stood on the supreme court steps and threatened the conservative judges but that’s okay he’s a Democrat.

Steve Brewer


Mass vaccine site needed

We have about half a million people in the Antelope Valley and surrounding area. So why don’t we have a vaccination site? We have enough people and enough people that are front-line workers, essential workers and those over 65.

Who should be getting our area on board? Our two great mayors? The hospitals? Doctors’ offices? Magic Mountain/Valencia is too far away and many older people or those with health issues or those that don’t have good transportation can’t get there.

We have the fairgrounds and the stadiums and any of those would be perfect. Did the main part of LA County forget about us? There was something in the paper in January that AVTA was working on buses to a site but nothing is happening.

So someone needs to get busy and start getting the AV vaccinated, now not some day. And those of you that read the paper, speak up to anyone and everyone. Make calls, write emails, maybe we can organize a protest?

Barbara Richardson


Who decides what’s best?

Jarold Wright, in his letter published February 5, 2021 says that Representative Margorie Taylor Greene’s “claims ... should absolutely disqualify her from a Congressional seat.”

The qualifications of the office held by Greene enumerated in Article I, Section 2 of the constitution are as follows: No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

I assume that Wright is advocating an amendment to the constitution that would read something like this: “No person shall be a Representative who has made grotesque claims that mass shootings in Parkland, Vegas and Sandyhook were staged by Democrats in order to create support for infringing on their 2nd amendment rights.”

Since that language seems too specific for a constitutional amendment, perhaps he would rather distill it down to what he and his radical progressive democrat cohorts would really like to have for a constitutional amendment: “No person shall be a Representative who disagrees with anything that progressive democrats believe.”

When we begin imposing such subjective qualifications on our representatives, we no longer have a representative democracy where the citizen voters are trusted to discern whether or not Greene is a nut and vote accordingly. Instead, we have a dictatorship where the elites decide what is best for us.

Jonathan Kennedy


Is it about politics?

Recently a headline story in the local press told of a racist comment apparently made during a parent-teacher Zoom conference. The teacher resigned and the parent has hired an attorney.

In the same issue on the bottom of page 2 is the story of 450 arrests made in sex related human trafficking involving dozens of victims including children. It has become so lucrative that criminal street gangs are now involved.

One is a local story and the other from LA and thus explains the different placements of the story in the newspaper. But the comparison suggests our priorities in this current relentless refrain of social change, social justice and charges of systemic racism inherent in the authoritarian populism of the political left today.

I find it frightening, dangerous and sickening with millions of people calling for “deprogramming” of the “cult” of Trump voters suggesting that they are mentally challenged. However they themselves with their self–satisfied, arrogant and smug attitude are incapable of understanding that they are the reason Trump was elected in the first place.

A few of our local letter writers are typical and illustrative. Such an unpleasant, nasty and conceited person as Hillary Clinton is every bit as egotistical and self-centered as Trump and therefore was rejected. I am thankful for that.

We are in a changing era and adjustments are always necessary but the hatred, divisive rhetoric, identity politics and manipulation of information we see today should be a warning of what has happened historically in other autocratic times in other nations. Throughout antiquity this has led to unavoidable ruin. If this remains unabated, turmoil is inevitable. These are troubling times.

John Manning


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