Letters from readers, December 4, 2019

Thank you

I cannot thank you enough for publishing my letter last week regarding the Monster Truck event at our AV Fairgrounds. Nothing I did on my own triggered a response from the Fairgrounds, but almost immediately after you published my letter a full refund was issued to my credit card. I am guessing someone important must have seen my letter in your newspaper and responded fairly. Thank you to the editor for hurling a boulder in my stead that was much larger than any rock I could have tossed at Goliath.

Kathleen Fujiki

Quartz Hill

Time to disappear

Watching the news, this is the first time I wouldn’t mind California being called Schiff-less Time for him and Nancy to disappear.......

Barbara Little



Adam Schiff is preparing another accusation against the president if they can’t get him on the Ukraine witch hunt.

Apparently he also has evidence that back in the 1990’s the president returned a rented VHS tape without rewinding it.

Schiff’s investigators are contacting former Blockbuster employees to get to the bottom of this horrific crime. If this is proven true, the president like everyone else should be held accountable.

Gerardo Hernandez


So much for that

Donald Trump decided to surprise everyone on Thanksgiving and go to Afghanistan to visit our troops. It was the first time in his life he had ever been to that country. He bored the troops giving a rather long-winded speech. He then helped distribute the plates of food to the soldiers.

The television cameras caught him sitting with some of the troops. You can probably guess who did all the talking. If Trump had just shut his mouth, the soldiers could have told him how they felt fighting in this useless, miserable eighteen year war.  

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump promised he would “bring the boys home” in his first year in office. Oh well, I hope the turkey was good.

Ralph S. Brax


Thanks for nothing

Great job Waste Management. Our normal pick up in our neighborhood is on Thursday.

Last week I knew that Waste Management would not be picking up the trash in our neighborhood because of Thanksgiving. On Friday I and my neighbors put out our trash for pick up but Waste Management did not come. Needless to say everyone’s trash has been building up over the weekend.

My husband has called numerous times about having the trash picked up. Today Waste Management informed him that they felt it was too dangerous for them to be out in the snow so they won’t be by until this upcoming Thursday. We were told to leave our extra trash bags next to our trash bins. Now our neighborhood is strewed with trash from crows, dogs, and coyotes getting into all the bags on the street. I hope that I get a credit on my bill for the missed day and the mess that I am picking up every day.

Debra Munden


Answer the question

“Candidates Improve from Their Campaigning” was the headline on the AVP Opinion Page on November 25th.

Thirty-six topics were listed as being discussed at the third Democrat’s debate but what to do about the National Debt was not raised. The main-stream media moderators did not ask about it at this debate, on the campaign trail or in previous debates.

Barack Obama doubled the national debt from $10 trillion to $21 trillion in his eight years in office, but now candidates just talk about free health care, free college education and free benefits for those here illegally. How do they expect our children and grandchildren to pay back this debt? Make them answer the question.

Sam Kilanowski


How’s that possible?

Allison Gatlin of AV Press reported that on July 1st of this year, the City Of Palmdale City Council approved a budget. “Palmdale Lays Out $335 Million Budget”, 11 Nov 2019. However, COP stated that the General Fund Budget (which covers day-to-day expenses) would have a deficit due to $82.3 million in expenses and $82.7 million in revenue. There was concern that the General Fund Revenues were increasing at 3% a year while expenses were increasing at 4.5%.

COP recognizes the budget cannot be balanced with cutting spending. An idea to increase revenue on sales tax would be presented to the voters. For example, a sales tax of 0.75% would generate an estimated $16 million a year while a 0.5% sales tax would generate an estimated $10.9 million a year. (”Expense-Revenue Gap Poses Concern,” 10 Nov 2019)

It’s notable that the City Of Palmdale has received the “Certificate Of Achievement For Excellence In Financial Reporting” for the 29th consecutive year. The certificate is “…the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management.” www.avdailynews.com, June 2019

In accepting the award, Palmdale City Manager Jim Purtee said, “Strong fiscal policy and transparency are top priorities of our City Council,” Our team in Finance has done an outstanding job in carrying out those priorities and it shows through our balanced budget, healthy reserves, grade AA bond ratings, and awards such as this.”

If this is true, why would Mayor Pro Term Austin Bishop say, “This city should be flush with funds, but there’s been 10 to 20 years of mistakes that got us to this point.” How can COP have “strong fiscal policy” but have 10-20 years of mistakes?

Vincent White


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