‘Cult members’

Although it is now undeniable that Donald Trump attempted to bribe the president of Ukraine toward the furtherance of Trump’s political career, his obstinate and racist supporters refuse to acknowledge the fact that he has committed impeachable offenses. Not even utterly objective testimony by the likes of Fiona Hill and Marie Yovanovitch has managed to shame Trumpsters into making such an acknowledgment.

One would think that logical arguments, such as those penned by Ralph S. Brax and Jarold Wright, would serve to force 45’s cult members into admitting the truth. But, no, for their willfulness is as persistent as it is sickening.

So the problem has much to do with their being utterly unaware of their being completely misinformed. So too do they operate within the hallucination that they possess ample or even superior information (gleaned from Fox So-Called News), which causes them to believe they haven’t a reason to defer to the informed judgment of others.

That explains why these cultists disregard the non-partisan testimony of experts, such as the previously mentioned Fiona Hill and Marie Yovanovitch. Given their wish to maintain — through Trump — a culture of racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and, patriarchy, they don’t care that Donald Trump is not only a pathological liar but also a conman, criminal and traitor.

Most alarming of all, much of Trump’s resilience can be traced to the authoritarian inclinations of his worshipers. And given the preponderance of authoritarians within American society, the cult that surrounds Donald Trump may continue to grow.

Guy Marsh


Being homeless isn’t a crime

The Lancaster City Council is currently considering whether to limit donations of food to our homeless neighbors. This would be a mistake. Being homeless is a tragedy, but it is not a crime. Helping the homeless without proper permits shouldn’t be one either. We must never forget that the primary victims of homelessness are indeed the homeless. I’d hope that the City Council keeps that in mind when deciding how to proceed.

James Tilton




The former billionaire NYC Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, now running for president has had many ads on television.  

In the latest, he touts his qualifications and then says the he is running against “him”  (a still photo of the president). What a rude and childish comment.

In today’s Valley Press, a writer published her version of the beatitudes, also a silly insensitive and incorrect attempt at humor(?).

This writers letter was full of wild broad generalizations and I assume the she feels all republicans are like that. This writer has obviously been watching the democrat’s witch trials on TV where second hand information, opinion, and assumption are taken for facts.

If you are a democrat and I disagree, it seems that you hate me and will use every racial and nasty word to describe me. If this is what she thinks, I think all democrats are socialists, baby killers and fear mongers.

On the contrary, I take people as they come. Its ok with me if we disagree but I’m not going to hate you for it. I‘m not going to make up stories to justify my hate. I may have nothing to do with you but I won’t hate you.

To set the record straight about priviledge, Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and many other politicians have greatly enriched themselves while in office.

Two years ago the then republican controlled congress passed a law making insider stock trading illegal for members of congress as well  as it is for everyone else.   But don’t lecture on morality and honesty unless you are without guilt. To get a real picture of many of them, don’t investigate the billionaire who was elected to serve, investigate the congressmen who came to public pervade and became millionaires.

Jim Gardner


Didn’t get the memo

Sue Brax “The eight beatitudes according to the Republican Party.”

Your letter today reminded me of the Adam Schiff opening statement to the impeachment circus. He made up a conversation that never happened to suit his agenda. Like his statement your letter has no basis in fact. These are all things you have made up in your mind and are now somehow supposed to be believable. I don’t recall ever receiving the memo telling me how I should think.

I find it puzzling how you Lefties can make up the things we conservatives think. You refer to us as “weak of mind” then proceed to dredge up some dribble about the Russians. Maybe you haven’t been out from under your bridge lately but the news is we spent three years and tens of millions of dollars investigating the Russian hoax and it was found to be baseless. If you have some evidence to the contrary, I suggest you get it to the authorities because they haven’t been able to find any.

If you look at just what we already know I would hope you have enough gray matter to see that it at least warrants an investigation into the Ukraine corruption.

I’m sure you don’t want that because they will find the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens and even Nancy Pelosi have been using the Ukraine to become very wealthy over the last decade or more. To quote, well, you, “Blessed are the corrupt, for they shall obtain riches.”

Jack O’Connor


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