Happy baby

My six-month-old great-grandson is happy when he sees President Trump on FOX News.

Alicia Avila


Different perspective

Dec. 26 front page said, “Trump still won’t budge on shutdown.” Seems to me it should read, “Dems still won’t budge on shutdown.” From what I heard on the news, President Trump has made a “budge” but the Dems won’t accept it because it is from the president.

Ellen Roehm


No coffee can

I got a good chuckle out of Mitchell Seyfer’s letter on putting your money in a coffee can. I think I will pass on his financial advice.

In his letter, he gives his opinion that the stock market is not a safe place to gain wealth because of the many ups and downs it has. In addition, he believes we are just now recovering the markets downturn of 2008. Gee whiz, we are way past and beyond recovering from that crash.

As we all know, on October 10, 2007, the Dow Jones was at 14,164.45 points. On January 20, 2009, when President Obama took office, the Dow Jones was at 7,949.09 points. On January 20, 2017, when President Obama left office, the Dow Jones was 19,827.25 points.

If a person was in the market when President Obama became president and had stayed the course when he left office, they would have recovered all of their losses and then grown their investments considerably. In fact, if a person had continued to stay the course, their investments would have grown even more. This is even with the downs that we are seeing now.

Many people panic. Yes, it is true the stock market fluctuates. However, if you buy quality investments, you will end up with more wealth than putting your money in a coffee can. A person needs to stay the course and not panic. Remember, investing is a longterm event. People need to keep that in mind when venturing into the world of stocks. Therefore, I will pass on Mr. Seyfer’s advice of putting my money in a coffee can.

George Jung

Antelope Acres

Community culture needs to be addressed

The article on proposed improvements at AV Hospital emergency room are telling. The hospital recognizes a problem and is on par to correct it the wrong way. They want to expand the space for the E.R. Department, which can be done with minimal cost. However, in seeking to alleviate the overcrowding, the hospital needs to address the underlying problem.

The E.R. Department is utilized as a primary care clinic. Sure, it is difficult to get a quick clinic appointment with the county clinic on Avenue I, or the Community Clinic on 10th St. West, or your own private doctor, so you go to the E.R.

The E.R. Department needs to be expanded, but, it also needs to be complemented, as it once was, by an urgent care clinic.  I suppose it was abandoned by the administration some time back because they realized that they could make a fortune taking in Medi-Cal and Medicare patients and billing the government for everything. As a result of their actions, 90% of the admissions to the hospital come from the E.R.

At present, and not reported by your reporter, Medicare is not reimbursing the hospital and has not since November 1, because the hospital screwed up in getting re-certified by Medicare. As a result, the hospital is losing $5 million a week. The interim CEO says the hospital will get the money when they eventually are certified. I hope he is correct, but I am not holding my breath.

The hospital needs to address the culture of the community that uses the E.R. as primary care by having an urgent care clinic to refer patients who are not in need of dire help. If not, the hospital will keep expanding the E.R. to no avail.

Mike Rives


Successful Christmas event

The first annual #HighDesertChristmas was a success. Altogether, it raised over 500 gifts for the community, which included bikes, gift cards, autographed celeb photos, smart TVs and so much more. Coming together to feed 200 people on Christmas Day while laughing, sharing stories and even tears, together, has proven time and time again, to be one of the most humbling experiences of my life.

Though it was very cold and windy everyone came out, stayed and enjoyed themselves.

I would like to thank @aaliyahrosemusic for driving 10 hours to join us and @joshualedet for staying in town to celebrate with us.

Thank you to all of our sponsors: Amy Johnson Real Estate all the way from Utah, @wordoflifeout reachministries @albertsons @costco @vons @homedepot @barnesandnoble @dunkin @canyonconcerts @qurvesboutique taka @toysfortots_la_county.

Thank you to the @antelopevalleypress @lajass1 @theheat1009 for the press and commercials..

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came together and made this all possible. Thank you Bubbles, Primetime, Diego, Allisatair, S.E.R rentals and last but not least Mickey, Minnie Mouse and the Grinch for coming out and putting smiles on the faces of everyone there, adults included.

Happy Holidays everyone and I pray you end this year with contentment, peace and joy.

Onyxx Monopoly


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