Can’t deny science

Do you remember what scientists said?

An ice age was widely predicted during the 1950s to 1970s. In 1958, Betty Freidan published her article, “The Coming Ice Age: A True Detective Story” that was based on the scientific research of geophysicist Maurice Ewing and meteorologist William Donn.

In 1962, biologist Rachel Carson published her epic work, “Silent Spring.” She claimed the science showed pesticides and chemicals would cause a massive die-off of many species. Soon spring would bring silence, the chirping of birds gone forever.

Eminent biologist Paul Ehrlich published his highly acclaimed and influential work, “The Population Bomb, in 1968.” The book predicted overpopulation would cause worldwide famine in the 1970s and that “nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate.”

By the 1970s, scientists concluded that acid rain would decimate forests and create “dead” lakes and rivers devoid of fish and other marine life.  

Next, in the 1980s, the scientific community concurred a growing hole in the ozone layer was leading to fatal levels of radiation to humans.

The current scientific consensus is greenhouse gases cause global warming/climate change. Scientists concur the problem is man-made and man-correctible. The scientists say life on Earth will end unless governments act.

They say you cannot deny science, but can you believe the scientists?

Bill Homan


He got what

he wanted

What is going on at our southern border is the direct result of Republicans for the past two decades, now joined by Donald Trump, to refuse to pass a comprehensive immigration law.

Of course, Trump is getting exactly what he wanted, a violent confrontation between Hispanics in Central America and Mexico with U.S. border agents and troops.

We have had chaos on our border for over a year, something an immigration law could have prevented. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Ralph S. Brax


You got us again

Free range? No! It cost $3.69. I recently shopped Costco to buy a turkey after Thanksgiving. On sale, it cost $8.01. I noticed at the bottom of the receipt was “free range, $3.69.” What? I looked at some past receipts, (my wife saves them). and every time we bought chicken breast, add $3.69, legs, $3.69. Am I the only one that didn’t know this? Nowhere on the signs did I see the added cost listed. I’m sure it’s the same at every store.

Thank you tree huggers, you got us again.

Thomas Gallagher


Who’d have guessed

So, G. Gordon Liddy was born in 1131 A.D.? That pre-dates the Manga Carta! Who would have suspected?

Michael I.D. Mercy


Sonic booms

Concerning the November 28 article “X-plane takes shape:”

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the UK, USSR and India published papers on aircraft generated sonic booms (bands in UK terminology). Taken together, these papers completely describe the physics of sonic bangs and the necessary aircraft design to minimize such bangs. Several of the USSR differential equations are quite like those in echo theory.

At Dulles, several hundred of us stood on a balcony to observe the takeoff of the Concord. We noticed how small the Concord was and how cramped it must be. When the Concord took off, the emitted noise was rather disappointing.

The USSR and India papers seemed to say that a supersonic passenger aircraft would be a total waste.

John Charlton



It is very disappointing to see the results of the election for sheriff in Los Angeles County.

Sheriff McDonnell was a very qualified leader in law enforcement and was doing everything possible under a civil service system to correct the corruption of the Baca regime.

The newly elected sheriff seems to lack any significant experience in his background that would qualify him for such a difficult job.

Perhaps his apparent “open borders” inclination was popular with voters.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick

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