A good experience

Like another letter writer, I, too, had a good experience at the DMV Because I couldn’t get an appointment before my birthday, I walked in on Christmas Eve.

When I reached the last line, I said, “I can’t stand anymore.”  

A nice employee showed me to chair and she took my paperwork and got it finalized for me. I didn’t get her name, so I hope she reads this letter. Thank you to her.

Jeanie Stephens


All Americans matter

Recently, a letter writer wrote about newly elected Congresswoman Katie Hill and wondered how a novice like Hill could defeat former California Representative Steve Knight. He mentions several bills that Knight endorsed such as HR 2763 (Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Act), HR 1890 (Workplace Advancement Act) and HR 3210 (Securely Expediting Clearances Through Reporting Transparency Act).

Additionally, he writes about Hill being bisexual and has received support, including the LGBTQ community. Knight was seeking his third term and won re-election with approximately 53% of the vote in 2016.

Why did he lose this time? For starters, Knight voted with Trump 98.9% of the time. Knight voted against Obamacare in which he tried to explain in at least three town hall meetings this year, (“GOP Rep Knight… Distances Himself From Trump”,, Oct 2018).

According to Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, who is director of Jesse M. Unruh Institute Of Politics at USC: “Trump was the big motivator — and so was health care,” “Skelton: How California Blue Wave Wiped Out Republicans,” LA Times, Nov 2018.

Finally, Ron Nehring (former chair of San Diego and California Republican parties) and Jim Brulte (California Republican Party Chairman) blamed the GOP’s inability to adapt to demographic changes. (“GOP Digesting Democratic Blue Wave,” LA Times, Dec 2018). Knight failed to incorporate diversity in order to win.

I hope that the writer sees that Katie Hill, being a novice or bisexual or having support from the LGBTQ community, had nothing to do with her winning.

For him to end his letters with “God Bless America,” ignores the fact that God will not bless America until all Americans are treated like they matter in this country — not just white people.

Vincent White


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