Con artists

The 19,000-member American Society of Civil Engineers reported on CA infrastructure in 2018. Very comprehensive and conservative.

The deficient bridges require an estimated $12.2 billion.

The 49th ranked deficient roads require an estimated $130 billion.

Transit has an estimated $96 billion shortfall.

Delayed maintenance increases costs, yet devious politicians prefer to claim balanced budgets and even surpluses, while billions in debt.

Praised while disgusting con artists.

Ken Garrison


Looking back

at 2018

As 2018 ends, I think we can all hope that the new year will bring a little more calm to our lives and hopefully free from strife and natural catastrophes.

The new owners of the Valley Press have finally gotten some traction on running a newspaper and we can all hope it will continue to improve. Also, hopefully the circulation will increase, too.

Bill Warford was a star this year with his witty and insightful column that were timely and provocative.

I hope the federal government can come to grips with some of the pressing issues and that the meanness can be reduced. With the House of Representative in the hands of the Democrats that seems unlikely, however. Nancy Pelosi needs to learn to be a leader rather than a parrot chirping the political lines of her party and Trump needs to learn to control his mouth.

The issue of the southern border just has to be resolved. Mr. Trump wants money for the wall and the Dems say so no way. Build a wall, build a fence or put guards and electronic monitors, I don’t care but 80% of the country wants a secure border.

The Dems need to stop blaming Trump for everything that happens as many of the problems on the southern border have been standard operating procedure long before trump.  Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama all called for a secure southern border but Trump seems to be the only one who actually has tried to make it secure.

Finally, with the new year, I wish that disagreements don’t continue to make enemies of former friends. I hope the social media would become more responsible and that violence in any form can be reduced or eliminated by all of us who just want to live a peaceful and happy life.

Jim Gardner


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Well said Mr. Gardner...well said indeed.


I’ll agree with that but the cynic in me thinks the new controlling faction in the House


Yes "disruptors" seems to fit.

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