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Saturday, (11/14/20), I read in the “Money & Markets” section of the AV Press, that in the USA the fossil fuel “coal” will provide a quarter of all energy production beginning 2021.

According to the article “That’s because natural gas prices are rising making cheap coal more attractive to electricity providers who can easily switch between the two energy sources. As a result, coal production is expected to increase 20% next year.”

This all fine and good for the coal industry, its coal production, and shipment workers. However, it is not good for our nation’s overall heath and our efforts to reduce climate change.

Our Lancaster Mayor, Mr. Parris, is on the right path to make hydrogen fuel our future. Europe and Asia knows this. Lets wake up America. We are the only world power that must learn that without the elimination of fossil fuels, our planet is doomed.

Gordon Jefferson


Joint powers

When I first heard of the possibility of a joint public health department between Santa Clarita, Palmdale, and Lancaster, I assumed this meant Palmdale was onboard with Lancaster, but that’s not the case.

In a recent interview, R Rex Parris, seems to blame Palmdale for its recent surge, pointing to the fact that masks are not mandated and Mayor Hoffbauer is often seen without his.

According to Parris, if the county acted sooner, it would see compliance similar to Lancaster. He said Lancaster has been “hammering, without exception” the need for people to wear masks since March, even has building and safety inspectors going “around all the stores, [making it] clear to them ‘you violate this rule, we’re going to shut them down.’ We haven’t shut anybody down.”

And he’s right, he hasn’t shut down a single business, but he fails to mention that there have been over 35 citations and at least 5 repeat offenders with some racking up more than 4 citations in the past 3 months.

I’d like to believe that Palmdale will stay transparent with its residents by not succumbing to misleading statements. There is no indication that a separate health department will fare any better. At the end of his interview, Parris was asked why he wants a joint health department with Palmdale who doesn’t mandate wearing masks, to which he replied “because then I could enforce it couldn’t I?” What concerned me was his response when the interviewer stated “Palmdale may or might have some something to say about that as well.” Parris stated “[Hoffbauer] wouldn’t because that’s how Joint Powers agreement works.”

If reason and logic triumph, it makes more sense to follow the recommendation of a health director who blames racism for disparities rather than the mayor who blames the neighboring city.

Aurora Hernandez


Uphold the Constitution

It appears that the Socialist have landed within our country and have been here for quite some time. If and/or when Mr. Biden and his like thinking leftist followers take control of our country it is my opinion that we will see our Constitutional Rights taken away and the Constitution of The United States like many of our Historic Monuments will be torn down and destroyed never to be seen again.

I myself prefer to be a citizen of the United States, not a subject of a socialist controlled world. I keep reading about there being no proof that voting fraud was committed, however many-many sworn affidavits and witnesses presented supporting evidence of these voting violations. It is my opinion that these allegations should be addressed and action taken to prevent violations in the future.

As stated in the Constitution (quote): Under the Enforcement Act of 1870, and subsequent laws, false registration, bribery, voting without legal right, making false returns of votes cast, interference in any manner with officers of election, and the neglect by any such officer of any duty required of him by state or federal law were made federal offenses. Provision was made for the appointment by federal judges of persons to attend at places of registration and at elections with authority to challenge any person proposing to register or vote unlawfully, to witness the counting of votes, and to identify by their signatures the registration of voters and election talley sheets (end quote).

We know by sworn, written testimony that some of these laws were broken and unlawful actions taken. I pray that the SCOTUS takes up the challenge and performs their sworn duty to up hold and protect the Constitution of the United States and its citizens.

Larry Johnson

California City

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