Food insecurity

The main reason I write about this is because I and my family experienced these conditions during the 1961-1962 time frame.

• June 1961, My Wife and I purchased our 1st home in Monrovia, CA

• Was attending the California Polytechnic University, at Pomona, CA as a full time student, studying Electronic Engineering. September 1961, I was to begin my senior years school work.

• Also working at Hycon Manufacturing, located in Monrovia, CA as a non-degree’d Engineer 20-30 hours per week.

• My Wife was working for the Telephone Co. She was six months pregnant with our 1st Boy.

• I had eight months remaining of my eight year obligation serving as a Naval Reservist.

• September 1961, I reported aboard the USS March, DE699 in Long Beach naval base.

My personal income was cut in half, to $220.00 per month. I established the method for $200.00 per month to be sent to my Wife, and I lived on $20.00 per month aboard ship.  

Our ship was part of the 1st destroyer flotilla to be sent to the Viet Nam area of operations. We departed Long Beach January 5, 1962 for the Viet Nam operations.

I obtained a copy of the Soldiers and Sailors aid and relief act of 1941. I went to my bank, they said if I am more than 90 days behind on my payments, they will foreclose.

Hycon’s social club provided us food. If that did not occur, we would not have had Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. 

I returned to civilian life again June 1962. September 1962 resumed my Cal Ploy senior year of study and working part time. Graduated June 1964, and began working for International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.

Gordon V. Jefferson


Some facts


ike Watson, would have us believe that The Epoch Times is factual based newspaper, when it fact it is a far-right international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement. 

The Times is unreservedly pro Trump and reconstituted itself into a vehicle for esoteric voter-fraud allegations and has continued to publicize doubts about the outcome of the presidential election.

Jack O’Connor, believes the recent Infrastructure Bill which was a bipartisan win for the President will be completely spent on replacing lead pipes when in fact, the bill will invest $55-billion into water systems, including the replacement of lead pipes.

I agree with Jack, that no concerted effort to ban or limit lead plumbing was made until the 1920s. However, what Jack fails to inform the readers is it was not until 1986, when Congress Amended the Safe Drinking Water Act, prohibiting the use of pipes, solder or flux to be “lead free” in public water systems or plumbing in facilities providing water for human consumption. 

In addition, most homes built before 1986, still have either lead pipes or lead solder in the plumbing systems. It has been estimated that approximately 10,000,000 homes still have lead service lines that connect the main municipal water pipes from the street into the home.

When Congress banned the use of lead pipes, etc. they allowed those already in the ground to remain. Because of this it is estimated that 15 to 22 million Americans still cook with and drink tap water entering their homes through lead pipes, known as “service lines.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick, how do you explain that vast majority of the world’s top scientists believe climate change is man-made? Could this be due to the fact that most studies indicate it is caused by human beings?

George Jung

Antelope Acres

The ‘big lie’


f you’re a fan of Adam Schiff, and the “ the big lie. I have some bad news. You’ve been sold swamp land. Don’t take my word.

Recently, the current editor of the Washington Post, Sally Buzbee, instructed her staff to correct large portions of the Russian hoax. Buzbee, a former executive editor at the Associated Press, and my candidate for William Warford’s, gratitude list, said: “ The newspaper could no longer stand by the accuracy of certain parts of the story.” 

In other words. All right Sally! Anyone Need to scream, use a safe room, or take aspirin? Good.   

In that case, read on. Recently, Howie Kurtz, of Media Buzz said: News outlets knew the dossier, was fake, but didn’t want to carry water for Trump. Take off your blinders, people, and think about that a second. No matter your party affiliation, what the DNC did was criminal.  

The big lie perverted institutions at the expense of the American public.  In short. Hillary’s Russian hoax, pushed by Schiff, was far more egregious than Trump’s bloviations. Sure, you don’t need to scream?      

Robert Mc Gregor


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