Let’s not

become Baltimore

Recently, I delved into the plight of Baltimore residents.

I saw in interviews and read articles out of sheer curiosity. Summing up the general consensus as: The older generation was tired, beaten, all having the attitude of acceptance, no more help or hope.

The younger generations were born into the squalor having very little to draw from. No help from their elected officials, top to bottom and in between.

If California residents do not make a stand soon, it will as a state, become Baltimore on a larger scale. We can and do ignore the cancerous tide taking over the state city after city.

The evidence is on every street corner, sidewalks, tents in the desert and every freeway ramp. It has become so unaffordable that the younger generations have pulled up stakes for better opportunities in other states.

Companies leaving taking people’s future with them, along with high taxes on everything from A-Z is feeding the greediest totalitarianism government officials year after year. Cut and run? Nah! I choose to stand and fight, to me every town, city and state residents should not be beaten down.

We do have a strong voice, taxpayers must draw a line in the sand now and not rely on the “rich and affluent” to guide you into a subservient role. Baltimore is in the decayed state it is because its people are tired and have accepted its democratic demise.

Dave Rakisits


American Pride Day

Here’s a challenge to both major political parties.  

Our country is filled with hatemongers, racism, a divide the size of Grand Canyon and mass shootings. Democrats and Republicans can’t seem to get it together. They accuse of each other of this, that and the other. They do it in terms less than endearing, much less. The populace mirrors that behavior.

I challenge our politicians, beginning with President Trump (I am a Trump supporter) to begin a quarterly American Pride Day where Dems and Republican ride together down the main street in open convertibles.  

Where Republican and Democrats break bread together and drink coffee together. Perhaps if our leaders demonstrated what they expect from the people, the people, in turn, would mirror their image.

Let’s get this great country back where it belongs. Mr. President, reach out; you can do it. Let’s show the world a new American Pride Day!

Stuart A. Cannold

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Define it, please

We constantly hear the liberals talking about white supremacist — but what is their definition?  

My thought is they are those who believe there is no place in the U.S. for other races and they are superior.  

The way the left and current presidential candidates use the term leads me to believe it is not as simple as just hating other races.  

We have a number of left opinion writers on the page every week so perhaps they would care to comment and enlighten.  

Curt Redecker


Beating drums and controlling folks

Los Angeles Board of Supervisors are completely out of touch with reality.

Put a bunch of Liberals in a room together and give them access to tax dollars is like giving a skid row drunk a gallon of vodka — it is going, going gone.

They are beating the climate change drum, eliminating fossil fuels and becoming carbon neutral (whatever that is). If they quit turning oxygen into carbon dioxide by talking, we would be ahead of the game.

Off the scale Liberal disconnect like 65% of new housing to be built by what they call high frequency transit. You can place a safe bet that none of these Liberals are going to want to move into a housing project next to a train or bus station. So their plan is to deprive you of your choice as where to live, what to drive, as long as they are in control.

And my fellow remaining thinking Americans that is exactly what the Liberal has in mind — controlling you.

The tag Liberal is great salesmanship. They want to dismantle the Constitution, take away your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and every freedom that does not fit their agenda. They are not Liberal at all, not giving but taking, reducing freedom, not expanding.

We all know there is lying in advertising, the Socialist Left are very good at that. Another drum they like to beat is the anti-gun drum. It is the tool not the deranged person. According to the Left no person is ever fully responsible for themselves or their actions that is why the Liberal Left must be in control.

David Stilwell


‘The enemy’

Trump shoots off his big mouth calling some people “the enemy,” while some of his supporters shoot off firearms and mail letter bombs trying to kill them.

Marty Scepan



Matt Clark is to be congratulated for his Direction, choreography efforts of “Mamma Mia!” last week.

The cast did a great job as well. The Eastside theatre is very nice too.

Judy Hutton


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