Dems started it

We still have people hanging on to the witch hunt the Obama administration developed.

They didn’t do anything to stop the Russian interference in our elections cause hey thought crooked Hillary will win. After her loss they unleashed the three stooges, Comey, Brennan and Clapper to frame the President.

After that didn’t work they started a multi-million dollar investigation led a partisan bunch of lawyers. I say that money should have been spent to clean up Baltimore.

Gerardo Hernandez


Fanaticism is a

two-way street

While investigating suspected government infiltration from Communism in the 1950s Sen. Joseph McCarthy in referring to many of his political opponents is known for his famous shameful shout with its evil allusions, “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?” he would declare.

This appalling far right extremist partisan individual has since gone down in history with well-deserved disgrace.

Today we hear virtually the same dangerous fanaticism from the partisan left in referring to their present-day political competitors. Paraphrasing with the insinuation of evil, they might well be saying, “Are  you now or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?”

We can only hope that in the future the radical leftist political ideology of current times will go down to the same disgrace as McCarthyism before being able to inflict severe damage on the people in our society.

The visceral hatred of Donald Trump expressed by many today has become bizarre and is detrimental to their own sane measure of thinking and behavior.  

They should elevate themselves and live to a higher standard.

John Manning


More than thoughts and prayers needed

The frightful shooting in Gilroy has got me once again pondering the response of a certain segment of our population. It is obvious that two things need to be done.  

The first is the establishment in Congress of a select sub-committee to draft emergency legislation for military grade thoughts and prayers to combat the military grade weapons that are being used on our populace because the currently available thoughts and prayers are just not protecting us.  

The second is to repeal of the second amendment which, because of our overwhelming military might, no longer has a purpose other than as a fund-raising tool for the NRA.

I own guns and like to shoot but I do not, nor do I believe others, need to have weapons that are made for the sole purpose of killing other members of our populace.

James Capell

Quartz Hill

‘Snap out of it’

Recently, the editorial board of this paper and a columnist made comments about the remarks of an AVUHSD board member toward the student trustee on the board. I believe that this has gone on long enough and needs to be stopped.

I attended two AVUHSD board meetings in which the board placated, or attempted to placate, the student trustee on the board. From what I have read about the last meeting, there is a new student trustee and the same old attitude. Must this continue? Do we need a student trustee on the board?

The minority on the board uses the student trustee to even up their two votes to make it on par with the Gang of Three majority. The Gang of Three retaliates and criticizes the student trustee, even if his comment has merit. How about all elected board members do something new, like conducting the business for what they were elected to do?

The high school district has discipline problems, among others, that need to be addressed. The board needs to focus on the issues that are educational. Therefore, I propose, for the time being, that the position of student trustee be eliminated. I do not see any justice in using a child to advocate or defend your position one way or another.

I worked in a building once, where the chief engineer would greet anyone, anywhere by saying ”Snap out of it!” That is what the AVUHSD needs to do immediately.

Michael P. Rives


Don’t fall

for trickery

Sharing some information for Ralph S. Brax, the Mueller report found, and I quote... “ the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”  

In legal terms, that means not guilty. Also, when Mueller was asked at the hearing, whether Mueller’s investigation was “curtailed, stopped or hindered,” he responded “no.”  

Hinder is a synonym of the word obstruct, so, if his investigation was not hindered, it wasn’t obstructed. If you ignore all the left’s trickery and stick with these facts, you’ll see that it is indeed time for the collusion delusion to end.

Sisson Stewart



equals destruction

I watched the Democratic debate last night. I should say that I tried to watch it.  

I only made it about 35 minutes before I changed the channel as I could not stomach what I was hearing. It was a socialist freak show, each on of the candidates trying to out-socialist the others.  

Socialism is nothing more than the equal distribution of poverty. Except that the people who run things live very opulent lifestyles. They use other people’s money to do so.  

Socialism is also not compatible with liberty or freedom. The socialists that make up the Democrats Party today have a compulsion to control just about every aspect of our lives. They are constantly trying to whittle away at our rights.

So, to all you lefties out there who think that Socialism is the greatest thing in the world, I have two suggestions for you. Find a copy of “1984” by George Orwell and read it. The other one is if you think that Socialism is so great, leave. That’s right, leave. Move to Cuba. You will be much happier. Actually you won’t be once you see what Socialism is.  

But please, stop trying to destroy this great country.

Timothy Gassaway


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Dear Timothy: Well said thank you for your love of country and patriotism to say the truth.

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