Get the message?

Problem: Careless citizens living in Lancaster/Palmdale area throw trash along city streets and sidewalks.

Solution: Start an ad campaign inside AV Press, “Don’t be a litterbug”

Everyone gets the message!

Steve Henrich


Take a look

at the Tweets

There are approximately 4,000 men, women and children experiencing homelessness in the City of Baltimore and surrounding area.

In June 2019 the Antelope Valley Press reported, homelessness in the Antelope Valley had increased by nearly 3% over the previous year to reach an estimated total of 3,293 people.  

The overall number of homeless persons in Republican County Supervisor Kathryn Barger’s 5th District, which includes the Antelope Valley, increased 8%, accordingly.

The poverty rate in Baltimore is extremely high at approximately 24%. In Lancaster, the residents with incomes below the poverty line is approximately 25% and in Palmdale it is approximately 18%.

According to the president, this is because of the poor leadership by the Democrats. Gee whiz, based upon his assumptions and analysis, the heavy Republican controlled Antelope Valley must be a mess as well. After all our State Assembly person is a member of the Grand Old Party as is our State Senate representative. Both city councils are also controlled by members of the Republican Party.

In addition, Kevin McCarthy who is one of the Congressmen for the Antelope Valley, is a high ranking official in the Republican Party.

Seems to me the president is not taking a close look at members of his own political party when he tweets out about Democrats not being able to manage government.

George Jung

Antelope Acres

In for a rude awakening

I’d like to respond to a rebuttal by David Stansifer to a letter I submitted involving charging of plug-in electric vehicles.

David seems to have missed the main point which was that in order for the general public to accept these vehicles (purchase that is) at a higher rate than at present, extreme fast charging (XFC) of them needs to be a capability. I did not, nor did the publication I cited, conclude that all charging conditions would require that.

He then goes on to help me make my point, that the hardware and equipment necessary to achieve charging rates mentioned are currently not available to the general public at home. If the maximum charge rate was desired at home, a significant equipment change would be required from SoCalEdison.

Voltage and current rates far in excess of what is currently supplied to a home would be required. Changes from a major sub-station all the way to the home. Who will foot the bill for all that? Will your neighborhood start looking like the power system for an industrial complex?

With the “hundreds of thousands of EV owners” charging at a rate equivalent to their home air conditioner, or vacuum cleaner (really little car or very short range), I wonder what will happen (unintended consequences) when that becomes tens of millions like the “greenies” are pushing for. Then add all the extreme fast charging at uncontrollable times.

Electricity users are in for a rude awakening when they cannot use their AC because too many electric vehicles are charging. Time of Use and option to turn off your AC by SCE in new rates is just the beginning.

Barry Braman


Not tired yet

No, I’m not tired of winning yet, and neither are millions of other law abiding, tax paying, hard working citizens of this country.

John Borg


Waiting on

that recall

Does Ms. Ruffin really want the ICC representative rotated every month? What chaos would result!

Former Student Rep Noah Sveiven shook them up and now they are scared because the new student is going to know more about Robert’s Rules of Order, State Education Code and District Policies. How will the Board respond?

Also Ms. Ruffin asking that the new student, Elijah Johnson, be removed from the board shows that she is an embarrassment to the District with this action.

Next, on whose authority would an acting Board Member, Ms. Ruffin, go to a Little Rock Town Council and chastise a teacher for spending district monies on trips. She wants an investigation.

Well what about the district monies the trio spent on personal laptops, phones et al? This equipment did not benefit the students but their personal selves. Kudos to the teacher that wanted to impower the students to improve themselves and go on to greater things.

The recall cannot come soon enough.

Miik Miller


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