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New Doc 2019-08-02 11.05.27


and leavers’

The editorial on the Opinion page of Aug. 2 about Bakersfield’s growth mentions a few facts that should get a few people thinking.

California’s growth rate is less than 1/2%. For a state that is as great as the Democrats keep saying it is, that’s a terrible statistic. Most of the people arriving are young, while most leaving are older. Arrivers are less affluent and want free stuff promised by Democrats, while the leavers are the retirees and others that can afford to leave a state piling on taxes. What does that tell you?

For Gavin Newsom and the Democrats in charge of the Legislature, “the contemporary goal is to broaden an economy still largely reliant on the volatile agriculture and oil industries.”

They have not been paying attention to the Green New Deal being pushed by almost all the Democrat Primary vote candidates. Getting rid of fossil fuels would impact my son and a whole lot of others, who drive large diesel tanker truck and trailer combinations, hauling liquid fertilizers to huge farms all over the West coast. His truck holds 240 gallons of diesel fuel, pulling 80,000 pounds in California and 120,000 pounds in the surrounding states.

The standard for conversion/comparison of diesel powered vs electric powered vehicles is 40.7 kWh to every gallon of fuel. 240 gallons of diesel fuel equates to 9,768 kWhs (or 9.77 megawatt-hours). At the new extra-fast charging rate being discussed, 350 kW, that would take 28 hours to re-charge a big rig. That won’t affect the trucking industry at all! Diesel fuel fills at a rate around 25 gallons a minute.

Negatively affecting oil industry and agriculture, the Dems Green New Deal is disastrous for CA. I can’t imagine why there is support for anything like that.

Barry Braman


God bless America

Does anyone really read the Constitution of the United States? I am sure no one reads the Federalists Papers.  

While creating the constitution the founders pondered the history of governments. They wrote their thoughts in what we now call The Federalist Papers.

In Federalists #48, they delved into the problems that are now developing. The problem of the loss of the separation of powers.

The Executive is usurping the economic powers of the Legislature.

The Senate is denying a vote from legislation created by the House;

And both are refusing to obey the Subpoena Laws, passed by the

Judiciary. Politics was supposed to stay out of the Judiciary. It has not!

All three Departments are now within the grasp of political individuals, and the people have lost their voice.

God Bless America. We are going to need it!

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

It’s getting old

Back in 1985, Dick Cheney declared that no one cares about budget deficits any longer.  

It seems he was right. Congress just passed a two-year budget deal, increasing spending for both defense and non-defense programs by $300 billion.  

This plan for both Republicans and Democrats to get equal amounts of new money started after Senator Ted Cruz and his far right supporters were successful in shutting the government down in 2011, because they opposed any increase in spending for progressive programs, like Medicare, Medicaid, and education.

Voters blamed Republicans, as they should have, for the shut down, and thus giving both political parties a chunk of money was born.  

The real hypocrites are Republicans who whine and cry over increased spending when a Democrat is president, but eagerly support it when a Republican is in the White House. They love to blow huge holes in the deficit with massive trillion dollar tax cuts for the wealthy and big business.

This occurred under Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and now, Donald Trump. Democratic presidents, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, then have to straighten things out and reduce spending, as both Clinton and Obama did.  

When a Democrat takes office in January 2021, Republicans will once again cry for reduced spending and blame Democrats for the deficits. The story is getting very old.

Ralph S. Brax


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