They’re doing

all they can

The US-Mexico border is the concern of most of us. If I turn on television news there are the “immigrant advocates” wanting to represent those coming  to America and talking about their rights.

The US code on immigration does not mention illegal immigration and their rights. After  an exhaustive search, I was unable to find any rights that illegals have in this country. With that said, there are rules of common decency that should and do apply.

According to the US code, if a person enters the United States illegally, they have committed a crime and have no rights. But the US code does have lots of provisions for immigrants who have entered the country lawfully and want certain citizenship rights.

Under President Obama, 3,000,000 illegals were deported. Under President Obama, facilities were built along the border to detain illegals. Yet, only now, in this politically charged time do any democrats care. Border security was not their problem. Our current president has asked congress for two-and-a-half years for additional funding for the border and only in the last couple weeks has it been forthcoming. Additionally, the wall is  being built and reports from those living at the border indicate there is much improvement along the new wall.  

The swamped facilities at the border are not acceptable. Its like inviting a couple friends for dinner and they bring 30 of their closest friends along. What do you do? I think the border patrol is doing all they can with limited resources and  too many people coming across.   Maybe the best thing to do is keep politics out of the border situation and let the border patrol do their job.

Jim Gardner


‘Life is tough’

So July 20 is National Train a Teacher Day with free training by 239 teachers in 42 states.

Here’s the part that will set the liberal progressives hair on fire. It’s training for conceal ed carry on school grounds.

 Somebody should tell our new socialist friends that “life is tough but it’s tougher when you are stupid.” Quote  from John Wayne

The “Squad” the reason they put instructions on shampoo bottles. Quote from Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana.

It’s being reported that there is rats in the California environmental protection agency building in Sacramento there is also rodents.

We were in Lancaster today didn’t see any bicycles using the green lanes just one on the sidewalk and then he crossed an intersection against a red light.

Steve Brewer


Allow ‘true

will’ to win

Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, has made it his mission to block any and all legislation that thwarts attacks on our U.S. elections by Russia.

One would run out of fingers counting the bipartisan bills that he has refused to put on the Senate floor for a vote.

He claims regarding the Senate’s most recent effort, “It’s just a highly partisan bill from the same folks who spent two years hyping up a conspiracy theory about President Trump and Russia, therefore I object.”

Apparently, he suspects regulations providing more severe sanctions on Russia for cyber intrusions, funds for increased election security including paper ballots and requirements to report campaign contributions by foreign nationals to the FBI would benefit the Democrats.

Considering that Donald Trump may well have lost the 2016 race without Russian interference, McConnell is conceding that fair and honest elections absent of cyber attacks by Russians and others would likely result in Democratic victories and therefore are considered by him as “highly partisan.” God forbid Republicans allow the true will of American voters win out!

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Give up

Does anyone really believe that the IRS is not capable of investigating President Trump’s federal tax return and prosecuting any violation? If there were any irregularity in his return you would have heard of it long before now. With that in mind what is the real reason for demanding that he release his returns?

The answer is that the hate Trump movement hopes that they can find anything to suggest that the president has done business with anyone who can be, even remotely, tied to Russia.

If any such suggestion can be found it would be a simple matter to spin that information to the hate Trumpers to refuel the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Give up people, the Russians would have benefited far more with crooked Hillary in the White House.

Gordon Boling


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