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Gimme shelter

Golden is right, racing would be great for the fair grounds.

However, covering the grandstands would be an improvement for all the fairgoers.

The Rural Olympics was super, but people were leaving because they were too hot.

Judy Hutton


Wake up, politicians

Did anybody else see the internet article from Bloomberg on Monday, August 26, 2019 titled “Power prices spike as grids switch to renewable energy”?

It was a very lengthy article with several charts and graphs displaying data about wholesale power prices and distributions of types of power production. All fairly confusing to the average layman electricity consumer.

The bottom line was that due to heat waves and other unpredictable weather, such as extended periods of no wind, the electric power generation became totally unreliable.

Renewable electricity generation, unthrottleable and unreliable, is no substitute for nuclear, coal and natural gas generated electricity.

A partial mix of renewables added in with the others is workable, but 100% replacement is going to be a disaster. Wake up, politicians.

Barry Braman


Imagine how

they feel

When Columnist Bill Warford was editor of this newspaper, I was first saddened to hear that he was leaving the AV Press to become a teacher, but elated to find out that he was still writing his column. Warford usually presents both sides of an argument. In his last column, however, that did not occur. Warford wrote about how society sees police officers: “Somehow, the anti-police rhetoric of the people on the left never seems to come up with an officer is shot… I have known a lot of law enforcement officers of all races over the last thirty-nine years… They are not perfect… Most are decent, hard-working men and women who take pride in their job…”

However, no one wants to acknowledge how police officers have treated minorities over the years. Reuters interviewed 25 African-American male police officers (15 retired and 10 actively serving) and found out the following: “…being pulled for no reason, having their heads slammed against their cars, getting guns brandished in their faces, being thrown in prison vans and experiencing stop and frisks while shopping.

The majority of the officers said they had been pulled over multiple times while driving. Five had guns pulled on them.” When the police officers complained, they were retaliated against by their supervisors (“Off Duty, Black Cops In New York Feel Threat…,” 23 Dec 2014.

Just last week at the gym, I had a talk with an individual who was pulled over frequently by police in the Antelope Valley during the 1970’s. He rode a motorcycle back then. He remembers being treated unfairly and to this day still remembers the name of the officers although that was over 40 years ago. Surprisingly, he was white.

White people need to take the time to understand how minorities feel sometimes.  

Vincent White


It’s already mandatory

In the Opinion section of 8/16/19, Ms. Patty Akkad wrote a very kind letter regarding the retirement of Ms. Vilma Drever from the AV Dog and Cat Rescue. Ms. Akkad lso urged Los Angeles County to make spay and neuter mandatory.

In fact, Los Angeles County already requires spay and neuter of dogs and cats. Dog sterilization has been the law since 2006, and cat sterilization has been required since 2015. Dogs and cats are also required to be micro-chipped for identification and reunification with their owners in case they become lost.

DACC encourages all pet owners to spay or neuter their pets. This is the best way to prevent lost animals, reduce aggression and reduce the number of unwanted animals born in our communities. More information about spay and neuter, and low-cost services, can be found on our website at

Marcia Mayeda


LA County Animal Care and Control

Give the roads back

So you thinking; Oh good, they are finally repaving our long suffering, overdue roads. And when they get done paving what do you suppose they do? That’s right! We now have another unused bike lane leaving vehicular traffic with only one lane.

Who thinks of this insanity? Mayor Parris, you grew up here, you know the weather in the A.V. is not bike friendly. This is not Santa Monica. So why would you go along with the bike lane obsession? Give us our roads back.

Speaking of bottlenecking traffic, has anyone else noticed the traffic lights have become longer? We are long past due on computerizing traffic lights.

Paul Rogers


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