Setting the

record ‘straight’

John Haire: “Neither capitalism or Christian schools had anything to do with slavery. Slavery existed well before Christian schools. Capitalism did not exist until the 19th Century.”

In reality, capitalism began in the 16th century with the development of mercantilism and blossomed during the 18th century due to advances within the means of production, such as the spinning Jenny which launched the Industrial Revolution.

As alluded to by John Haire, slavery has existed since prehistoric times. But chattel slavery had never been utilized so methodically as it came to be respecting enslaved Africans beginning in the 16th century.

Moreover, chattel slavery built the U.S. It created the foundation of the commercial life of New England. Indeed, well before it spread into the southeast, chattel slavery was a critical source of private profit in the northeast. Colonial banking capitalists capitalized the slave trade, and insurance capitalists underwrote it. In fact, insuring slave ship voyages was the very thing that fostered the insurance industry.

From there, wealth derived from chattel slavery was invested in the building of various types of factories, railroads, bridges, canals, and other financial instruments. So too were portions of those monies donated toward the construction of universities, lecture halls, libraries, botanical gardens and other such things. This (is) the case for reparations of one type or another.

As for Christian schools, I did not claim that they were responsible for chattel slavery, only that (Christianity) condones slavery of all varieties. For example, “Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.” — 1 Peter 2:18.  “(T)hose who are good and considerate.” Incredible.

Guy Marsh


Can’t win

There is an old adage that says, for every action there is an opposite reaction. This brings to mind a couple article that have been in the AV Press lately. Immigrant processing has been sped up ­— their lawyers now complain they don’t have enough time to prepare.

Next, former President Obama plans to build his $600 million library in Jackson Park, in Chicago near Lake Michigan. Now the residents are concerned they may lose their low-income housing. So I guess its true, you can’t win for losing.

Bill Bryan

Leona Valley

Is that the best

you can do?

At a time when the homeless problem is out of control in Lancaster, and LA County as a whole, when the conditions of our highways and streets are deplorable, our esteemed County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger is pushing for us to be more socially aware in our animal shelters.  

Seriously Supervisor Barger — is that the best you can do with all of the other issues facing this city and county.

If this is  her priority, perhaps our priority should be to find a new supervisor at election time.

Patrick Wick


Hopefully it’s different

Hopefully the “cape seal” that Palmdale will be using to resurface their streets will not be the same material that Lancaster used because the results in Lancaster’s resurfacing were very poor and the streets are worse than ever.

Richard McCaughey


It’s a fact

I would like to respond to George Jung’s letter regarding homeless living in the Antelope Valley which both city councils are controlled by members of the Republican Party.  

Mr. Jung insinuates that there is as much of a problem in the conservative communities as there is in the liberal communities concerning homelessness.  

With a little more investigation Mr. Jung should have found out that in 2014 the AV Press reported that a large influx of homeless people were leaving Los Angeles, (a liberal democratic city) via the Metrolink and coming to Lancaster.  

At that time Lancaster officials insisted that someone in LA was buying one-way tickets for the homeless to come to Lancaster where they could take advantage of services. Grace Resource Center, operated a shelter and served meals to help the homeless. The Resource Center happened to be located at the last Metrolink stop in Lancaster. This is where the majority of homeless people joined our community.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Antelope Valley’s homeless population went from 1,412 in 2011 to 6,957 about the year 2014. The homeless came from Los Angeles which is a Democratic city. This is a fact!

Elaine MacDonald


An explanation

Guy Marsh said, Then maybe David Cooper would care to inform the readership as to the proper context of Ephesians 6:5-6

Sure, its very simple.

In those verses Paul tells servants about the importance of being obedient to their masters.

Pail does talk abut fear and trembling but that doesn’t mean that servants have to live in terror. It only means that they should have respect and reverence.

So unlike what Guy Marsh tried to tell people Ephesians 6:59 does not mean that God approves  of slavery.

David Cooper


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Marsh you quoted the old Testament, Christianity iIS THE NEW Law. But that quote is right and proper. again DONT ASSUME THE BLACK WAS THE ONLY RACE OR PEOPLE THAT FACED SLAVERY. it dont wash. I DON'T BY THE SELF-PITTY. PS HAPPY TO GO TOE TO TOE ON DEGREES. Just Sayin


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