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What works and what doesn’t

The lead story in the Antelope Valley Press recently was that the City of Lancaster had received $600,000 for homeless programs.

What an incredible waste of the taxpayers money. The article was filled with program jargon on how the money is to be spent. For what that it was  worth, the mayor and city council ought to install a rat hole in city hall and stuff all those dollars down there. At least the rat will be fed.

City after city in California has been blowing millions on the homeless, all to no avail.  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and more have squandered vast sums of money and for what?

In Los Angeles, units meant to house one homeless person costs $700,000. In  San Francisco they coat buildings with anti-urine chemicals and still have to hose off the sidewalks and pick up the empty needles that are everywhere. Soon that city will only have only millionaires in the apartments and homeless on the streets. Lancaster has already spent a lot of money on the homeless and still a trip to the BLVD will result in you being hassled by them.

I’m not sure what to do with the homeless but what has been done is not working. They don’t want to be confined. They don’t want to clean up their mess. They don’t want to conform to any rules or regulations.

But a private program in Seattle is working. A developer took a vacant lot and erected a large vacant building. He then allowed 12-foot-square spaces for each homeless person. He provided toilet and wash facilities and set some rules to be followed. One was behave yourself and you can live here for a month until you get a permanent place to live. It’s working.

Jim Gardner


Rex, pay attention

Enough with the bike lanes.

I agree with a recent letter to the editor regarding the bike lane expansion at the expense of drivers in Lancaster, i.e. more congestion etc.

I would like to point out that the rare bike rider I see either on the bike lane to nowhere by Sierra Highway or on surface streets are not paying their fair share.

We have all heard of taxation without representation, well how about representation without taxation. Fellow drivers you and I are paying very high gas taxes to drive on the very streets that are shrinking, bike riders don’t pay a dime.

I suggest as it seems the City of Lancaster is short of funds to repair the road system in town, anybody driven Ave L between 10th and Sierra Highway, all over town potholes abound.

The Romans built smoother roads with rocks. I propose that a bicycle tax be levied, odometers could be required and based on mileage (note how this mirrors Sacramento’s mileage gas tax scheme) would be charged and the funds could be used to repair our streets and new paint for repainting bike lanes.

Also, I am saddened to see the old Jane Reynolds Park baseball diamond being torn up for the skateboard park. Skateboarders that use the street could pony up for repairs, too.

I don’t know what drives the logic at City Hall, it has always been a mystery, roads in a bad state, more homeless shipped up here from LA, understaffed law enforcement, but what is important the flaming bike lanes and skateboard park. Rex pay attention to what counts.

David Stilwell


One language, please

I agree with a recent letter about the language spoken in businesses.

English must be spoken in our stores. English must be spoken in our banks. English must be spoken in restaurants.

For years, minorities complain there were no minorities represented in places like a bank. Now even the bank I went to the other day was completely Hispanic.

Palmdale should adopt a plan to stress everyone learn to speak English. This is one way to unite a city and a country. We have one kind of money. Let’s have one kind of language.

Rachel Roach


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