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Programs being discontinued

After spending a life time in mechanical repair, and managing a large truck repair business for many years, I find it interesting that high schools are apparently still pushing college for all.

There are so many students that have wonderful natural gifts that are not being recognized or encouraged.

After my retirement, I was privileged to volunteer in the auto program at Quartz Hill High School. The master teacher had over 30 years teaching experience in the same shop. After spending three years working lab projects, before the teachers retirement, I came away with the following:

• Obviously auto shop taught students how to do minor repairs on a vehicle. Both boys and girls were taught how to change a tire, check fluid levels, mechanical safety, tool names and usage. As the students advanced, cars were brought in and minor repairs were done.

• I was surprised at what little mechanical knowledge many students came with. Working with students one day on a simple lab project, I was shocked to learn that 50% of the group did not know how to read a tape measure. Many had never held or used an electric drill motor.

• The master teacher also had me work with the mechanically gifted students. I taught beginning welding in the second semester. I discovered one student that had never welded, was fairly proficient in about two weeks’ time. I took two plates that he welded together and showed them to the shop teacher.

• Many people look at auto shop as grime and grease.

Auto shop not only discovers non-academic gifts, but also prepares academic young people for real life. Auto further encourages trade schools and additionally is an excellent course for prospective engineers.

Auto shop helps gifted craft students realize their worth and not be labeled otherwise.

Richard Stafford


Placing blame

As long as we attempt to place the blame for mass murder, with the use of firearms, on the firearm, law abiding gun owners and the NRA we have no hope of alleviating the problem.

We must look beyond the mindless political rhetoric for actual causes. Such as, why do people turn to any method of randomly killing innocent people?

We hear a constant cry for “universal background checks.” California has had this for several decades and it, like our other gun control laws, has done nothing to alleviate the problem.

Background checks are conducted from a list of persons prohibited from possessing firearms. This list is small and the majority of those who are denied purchase of a firearm are victims of mistaken identity, such as a similar name or a birthday close to that of a prohibited person. Once a person is wrongfully denied a gun purchase there is no provision for having their name removed from the list.

For a prohibited person, to attempt to purchase a gun is a crime. However, when DOJ informs the gun dealer that the potential buyer failed the background check, the buyer is permitted to walk. Not one person has been prosecuted for their criminal attempt to purchase a firearm. That person is then free to turn to the black market.

Writing another law is a matter that costs nothing but affords bragging rights to, “Look at what I have done.”

Investing time, energy and money into meaningful research into actual causes would cost time and money that a legislator could have spent on retaining their seat and position of power.

Think a little deeper. Blaming the gun, law abiding gun owners and the NRA has proved to be pointless.

Gordon Boling


‘Trump did it’

Jeffery Epstein commits suicide in a Manhattan jail. Now AOC and Rep. Lois Frankel (from Florida) want an investigation and a full explanation.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what, if anything this has to do with running the government for which they were elected. I bet Trump did it!

Bill Bryan

Leona Valley

No gratitude

Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth, then kicking it’s teeth in. Wow!

One hundred pro-Trump people cleaned up 12 tons of trash and put a broom to work in Baltimore. Instead of saying ‘thank you,’ the Baltimore Sun newspaper complained they made poor people look bad.

I say if the shoe fits, wear it. It doesn’t matter what good Republican people do, the left will always find fault.

Judy Watson


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