The response

Gary Hansen claimed that I “have no original thoughts,” and that I “utilize quotes from books and other sources in all (my) writings.”

It’s a fact that I am not an original Marxist thinker, of which, and according to Vladimir Lenin, there have been precisely three; Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, and Daniel DeLeon. My letters are (my) perspectives relative to present-day issues and events, much like those penned by liberals and conservatives. Too, since April of 2012, I have had 456 letters printed by the AV Press - a mere 88 of which contain quotes, which hardly constitute (all) of my writings.  

Perhaps Gary Hansen’s silly “arguments” are reflective of an inability to retort my letters in a meaningful fashion. Consequently, he would better serve himself were he to ignore my letters.

While claiming that I took Ephesians 6:5-6 “completely out of context,” David Cooper wrote, “the Bible does not approve slavery, and Christian schools do not try to separate children on the basis of race…”

Okay. Then maybe David Cooper would care to inform the readership as to the proper context of Ephesians 6:5-6. Per his point concerning Christian schools, those institutions emerged en masse during the 1950s as a result of the high number of school districts that refused to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision. Fearful of the prospect of their offspring associating with black children, several white Christians established Christian schools or “segregation academies” with the sole intent to preclude black people.   

Without question, the proliferation of Christian schools, as well as the development of charter schools and school vouchers, are manifestations of white supremacy within the context of the capitalist system which is wholly dependent upon a divided, diffused and thus powerless working class.

Guy Marsh


Lead by example

If Democrats worked as hard getting rid of illegal immigrants, drug dealers, child traffickers and sanctuary cities, as they do trying to get rid of our president, just think how safe our country would be.

Instead they encourage more crime by showing illegal criminals how to disrespect our laws, ICE agents, and law enforcement, and how to avoid being caught. What kind of message does this give our impressionable youth?

Judy Watson


Choose wisely

It is a fact and it cannot be changed:  Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election by winning the Electoral College.  Four other presidential elections were decided the same way. President Clinton won the 1992 election without a majority of the popular vote (43%).  They are facts.

Immediately after the election, some people started clamoring for a “do over.”  I’m sorry, but once an election is finalized, it’s done.  Then the so-called Russia investigations started.  Here we are, 33 months after the election and some people just cannot accept the fact that Hillary Clinton ran a bad campaign.

Our nation has spent a lot of tax dollars on at least five investigations into the Russia interference/collusion/obstruction of justice investigations.  The last I heard Special Counsel Mueller cost us between $27-$50 million.  This is not counting the previous investigations conducted by both the House and Senate in the 2017-2018 Congress. 

The 2019-2020 House of Representatives continues to “investigate” with the Nadler and Schiff committees continuing to drone on.  These investigations cost personnel hours that could be better used for other things. Like resolving healthcare, veteran homelessness, or how about developing a plan to fix our current issues regarding immigration that everyone can agree to versus the current plan of doing nothing but pointing fingers at each other.

 I’m sorry, Congress is currently on its August recess and won’t return until September.  Members of Congress continue to get paid $14,500 for the month and nothing gets done in Washington.  Except Twitter battles.  For the $93 million dollars we pay in Congressional salaries, we’re getting shafted.

 We really need to think about who we pick to represent us in the Congress and what their real motivation is and not their ideological motives.

Greg Carlson


Better luck

next time

Pamela Jensen dipped into the Trump derangement syndrome by telling us, and for all you Trumpsters supporting this really crazy man, just remember history, this is the way Hitler started and all those congressmen standing silent, just remember, he could be coming after you next.

Congratulations, Pamela, you just lost the debate because of the Godwin Law, which means that the first to mention Hitler loses the argument. Better luck next time.

David Cooper


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Marsh- the comment sucks canal water. I was in school then and the real argument was: Taking kids miles away from their home, separating neighborhood friends etc. The world does not revolve around YOU Comrade or your racial prejudices. Privet schools are far better than public. My children went to DoDS and they were wonderful. CA Schools were and are trash.

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