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A note of thanks

As of now, the dissolution of Antelope Valley Dog and Cat Rescue, Inc. is now complete, legally.

There are so many to give thanks to. There are small and large businesses, corporations, schools, scouts, families, individuals, professionals, veterinarians, etc., that have so generously helped us through the years.

If I tried to list the name of each one, I might leave someone out accidentally. That would be terrible. Because each one had part in the lives of all our rescued animals. But need to mention those who donated money. How we needed that, that is what you gave, also.

My family trust owned the property that we were on. They charged us $1 a month lease. My family loves animals, as I do. They live out of town, so when I had a stroke approximately 1.5 years ago, things had to change. The doctor told me not to go back to the animals, that I work too hard and will have another stroke. I told the doctor that I can’t do that, but I will try to take it easy.

I am a Christian. The Lord allowed me to not be impaired. It was like a warning to get the sanctuary in the hands of some person or co. that loved animals and had the means to care for them.

Prior to my stroke, our Board had been making contacts in state and out-of-state. This is when they were having typhoons, hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. They were sending rescued animals to California to be taken care of. So the situation was not helping our cause.

I call Antelope Valley “Death Valley for animals.” It has not changed.

I am now 88 years old. I have done all I can to save these animals.

Vilma Drever


It’s all empty rhetoric

Democrats have given up on the Great Russian Collusion and Obstruction Hoax. The progressives have seamlessly transitioned from one R-Hoax to the next R-Hoax. Now it’s racism everywhere and racism all the time.

When President Trump criticized Congressman Elijah Cummings for failing to provide oversight for the billions wasted in his Baltimore district Trump had the new R-word dumped on him by the Democrats.  

Never mind that Cummings’ constituents live in deplorable rat and roach infested conditions. Nobody cares about them or the billions of dollars squandered. No, it’s all about Trump’s racism.

Locally we have the same situation. Our congressperson Katie Hill accuses our president of racism and unnamed crimes. She’s eager to start impeachment if only she could identify the crime.  

Just like Cummings she burned through a ton of money supposedly to help the homeless. By the time Katie Hill was done collecting her $170,000 salary at her so-called nonprofit agency, and spreading the wealth around to her cohorts in the homeless nonprofit racket, there wasn’t much to show. Hill managed to jack up the cost per unit for housing built by her so-called nonprofit organization to over a half-million dollars per apartment.  

Who got all the money? It sure wasn’t the homeless and low income folks that it was intended for.  

Elijah Cummings and Katie Hill spent gobs of other peoples’ money and things got much worse, not better. Whoever votes for these empty suits with their worthless promises deserves what they get — nothing but empty rhetoric.

Bill Homan


Who was responsible?

Related to an opinion piece printed on 7/22/19, “76 billion opioid pills: Epidemic unmasked,” we would like to reiterate that it was U.S. pharmaceuticals who were primarily responsible for the epidemic that began in the 1990s.

This is important to note especially now when you have politicos like Speaker Mitch McConnell attempting to politicize the issue and frame it as a problem emanating from across the border implying that Mexican cartels are the culprit. This attempt at steering the blame across the border in order to reinforce the Trump and Republican position for a border wall does not bode well for us.

The problem with this fallacy, besides the fact that it flies in the face of a well-established truth, is the fact that as long as we miss the mark and place the blame where it does not belong, the problem continues unabated and exacerbates.

This should be of particular concern to residents of the AV because of the high local prescription rates not only of opioids but also of benzodiazepines. Lancaster has the dubious honor of having the highest opioid prescription rates in the County with Palmdale coming in a cool second. While the County average prescription rate is one prescription for every 2.6 people, the average for the AV is one prescription per every one person.

Again, of particular concern should be the fact that these two drugs can cause overdoses when taken together. The fact that they are prescribed simultaneously especially to our elder folks at rates higher than for the rest of the county should be enough to bring us to action. It is time for city leaders to work with county officials to bring remedy to this situation. Please know that several coalitions stand ready to assist in this endeavor.  

Xavier Flores


Hillary in 2020

As a liberal Democrat from New England, I watched the debates with interest. I was looking for a candidate with the “wow factor” that could defeat president Trump in the 2020 election.

Boy, was I disappointed in this group. Biden seems tired. Bernie is a Socialist. Harris looks uncomfortable defending flip flops. Warren is just a corporate lawyer running against corporations. Pete is running on being gay. Beto still thinks he is in his rock band.

Now is the time to get serious and dust off Hillary Clinton. With the right campaign, she could take on Trump and maybe win the election.

William Thompson


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