What’s taking so long?

Rancho Vista Boulevard between 10th West and 30th West was ripped up 1 1/2 year ago and still not finished so what do they do start tearing up 30 West is this going to take 2 years now? 

Whatever happened to finishing one thing before starting another obviously who ever is in charge can’t walk and chew gum.

Fred Brewer


Where’s the flag?

Since the pandemic, I frequently visit MacAdams Park, 30th Street East and noticed there’s no American flag.

Is there a reason?

Jacqueline Johnson


Do something

I told myself: You don’t live in Lancaster, so be quiet about the stupidity going on throughout the AV School Board, where nothing but the legal theft of tax dollars, in members’ pay, goes on.

But, as a citizen, I just have to say, if you live in the area that this Board has control over, if you think that in a city of Lancaster’s size and population mix, that five Board members are enough, if you are a voter (legally) and don’t vote whenever a seat is open or renewed, even if you have no school-age children, the stupidity is on you.

If you can’t see that Ms. Ruffin is firmly in control and her “slave,” Ms. P, won’t ever, for reasons only she can give, go against Ruffin, and you are fine with this, don’t go crying to the mayor, Sacramento, etc., when little Johnny can’t spell, read or say three words without two of them being vulgar — it’s on you.

Board members are not to be political (Ruffin is) not to be vengeful (Ruffin is), combative with whoever questions what’s going on (Ruffin is when she shows up and focusing on only things that are not school-related — Ruffin does.

Of course, what do you do is up to you, however, when you are paying each of those folk over $450 a month for nothing, it works out to over $100/hour if meeting takes place and goes four hours. If they meet monthly.

How to change? Vote, vote, vote. If Lancaster has a plus, it’s diversity. We are told that more than 50% are Hispanic, yet is the School Board more than 50% Hispanic?

You may need to add one more seat.

Do what you will, but do something. I am a little dramaed out with this stupidity.

Skip Thacker



Without a doubt a lack of oversight is culpable for a long list of government, domestic and business failures.

Too much oversight has gone from question, investigate and adjust to don’t be intrusive, disruptive or mistrustful, a soft shoe, bend to pressure management that does not recognize problems before they become emergencies.

Oversight is what you remove when you want absolutism, a government in which absolute power is vested in the ruler and failures get concealed.

The era of trust is over, the era of due diligence is due.

Diligence: Be attentive, persistent and constant in application of tasks. Webster’s Dictionary.

Diligence: The hand of the diligent shall bear rule, but the slothful shall be under tribute. Proverbs 12:24

Benjamin Hawkins


Asking for support

As the coronavirus rages on across our state, it has caused yet another crisis – child hunger. Thousands of families with kids right here in California are now dealing with unemployment, rising food prices, eviction and hunger. And yet Congress continues to fail these children by leaving nutrition assistance out of the coronavirus relief package.

Hunger is a problem we can actually fix. Increasing SNAP benefits by 15% would mean an additional $25 per month per person. Just $25 per month for a child would allow families to buy the nutritional foods they need to grow and thrive. And extending Pandemic EBT would further ensure kids get the food they need. This program helps families who rely on school meals get the resources they need even if there are disruptions to the upcoming school year, which some districts are already experiencing despite plans to reopen.

Children need this food, and our state needs healthy, nourished, strong children. I am strongly urging Senators Feinstein and Harris to support SNAP and P-EBT in the final package.

Kathy Saile

Director, No Kid Hungry California

Wants answers

On August 7, 2020, the Antelope Valley Press ran an editorial article, written by their editorial board, on the GOP convention excluding the press from the event. 

They quoted the First Amendment of the Constitution and declared the action of the GOP as “Unconstitutional”. (It must be noted that the AV Press has never cited the First Amendment when it comes to the closures of churches, which would be covered under the Free Exercise clause and the Freedom of Assembly Clause.)

The political parties in this country are non-profit corporations and are under the IRS Code §526. 

They also, through several Supreme Court cases, have been given significant protection under the First Amendment for Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech, which includes who can participate in their organizations.

The political parties are under the onus of many laws, and case laws, which include political finance.

Government does not have rights; people do. Governments cannot fund political campaigns, endorse candidates or bond measures, or use any resources for a political end; political parties can.

The First Amendment controls government actions, only.

While I am sure the erudite editorial board of the AV Press did their research before they declared this action “unconstitutional,” I would like them to cite the case law that they are basing their statement on; not their gut feeling or a misunderstanding of the Constitution, government, or political parties.

R.D. Smith


The basement

If Joe Biden wins the election will the Oval Office be moved to his basement?

Curtis Redecker


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