Stay tuned

While most of us were distracted by any number of national and state crises, Governor Newsom was busy Friday soliciting multiple companies for oil fracking. This information was found by sifting through  news stories in an effort to bring to light that which was hidden. This activity goes completely against what we have been told he was planning to do.  More deceit from our local government. Stay tuned.

Susan Brisby


Earning his vote

The controversial exit of Katie Hill left the Antelope Valley and the 25th District without representation in the House, leaving a service gap on Disability, VA benefits, Social Security, COVID assistance, etc. Thankfully, our Representative Mike Garcia (R-CA) is on the job.

Within 60 days, Congressman Garcia’s three field offices have helped hundreds of constituents with backlogged cases. Too, he has visited dozens of local businesses and Chambers of Commerce, including Plant 42 in Palmdale.

His promise of supporting law enforcement began with personally donating 10% of his monthly salary to the Simi Valley Police Foundation and co-sponsoring the Justice Act, promoting increased police transparency and training.

Back in DC, Rep. Garcia was appointed to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, the latter a fitting role considering his fighter pilot background and as a member of Congress representing a valley steeped in a deep tradition of aerospace excellence and space exploration. He supported full military funding in the National Defense Authorization Act and sponsored an amendment to fund a NOAA program for early detection of wildfires. Another amendment to the Wiin Act extends federal support for our state’s crucial water infrastructure. The Congressman also joined others in co-signing a letter reaffirming America’s unwavering support for Israel.

During his campaign, then-candidate Garcia pledged to help the constituents of CA25 whether they voted for him or not. He’s keeping his word, earning my vote again on November 3rd.

Kevin Branch


Let the

healing begin

Here’s a little glimpse into the alternative universe many Americans may experience if Biden wins the presidential election in November.  

When Puxatawny Joe emerges blinking from the bunker in January 2021, to swear the oath of office, his shadow will presage four years of enlightenment.  

The Corona Virus pandemic will magically be over.  CNN will take down its running tally of death and infections, and oblivious Democrat governors across the nation will throw their states wide open.  

Putin will find that he will have more “flexibility” dealing with Joe than comrade Trump.  The Chinese, the World Health Organization, Russian oligarchs, Ukranian billionaires, and disgraced MI5 spies, will all be welcomed back into the fold like prodigal sons.  

During White House presidential briefings, reporters will sit like Sunday school children and throw out intense questions such as, “Does Mrs. Biden like the new drapes in the White House?” The nation’s security services will be told to conduct a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, hen house, outhouse and doghouse, for White House leakers and any organized opposition.  

The mainstream media will be placed in cryostasis for the duration — except for the occasional thaw to run interference for disastrous Democrat policies.  Biden’s new Attorney General will become his “wingman” (as Obama’s AG Eric Holder referred to himself), rather than Trump’s “henchman”.  

Finally, Trump’s Nazi stormtroopers will revert back to their previous designation of “Federal Agents.” Yes, with Biden the planet will heal again.

Bill Heard


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