The bar is low

Used to be we looked up to a president. Even though we may vehemently disagree about political or policy issues, we could admire the president for possessing the most basic American values. Being president was once an ultimate goal to which young people might aspire.

But the election of Donald Trump, a shameless charlatan, has defined the presidency down. In acquiescing to his scandalous and unethical behavior, his supporters have set the bar so low that even the most outlandish conduct is seen as acceptable as long as it is less than criminal. Sensing this, Donald Trump has tested just how obscene and dishonest he can be and still limbo under the criminality bar.

The result of this has been hard to witness. Long held norms and principles applied to the president have vanished. Decorum at speeches, press conferences and rallies has broken down. The “high road” is a thing of the past for this vindictive man.

Imagine a youngster writing an essay in school about what he wants to be.

“I want to grab women by their privates and say ‘bull**it’ on TV.”

Or a young athlete to think it’s fine to cheat at basketball as long as the referee doesn’t see it. Or perhaps a newlywed who thinks nothing of a tryst with a porn star as long as he is financially capable of buying her silence. The possibilities are as endless as they are dismal.

So, that Donald Trump can’t be criminally prosecuted in a court of law for his corrupt behavior does not make his vulgar, low-bar demeanor acceptable. He is still unfit to call himself president.

Jarold Wright

San Rafael

Why the

plastic bags?

The thing that makes me laugh is the stores were not suppose to give free plastic bags. They just stop giving free bags but sell you plastic bags. I thought they were suppose to use paper bags. When are they going to stop selling plastic bags?

John Mazzella


In response

Glenn Miller: “(Yours truly) continues to chastise us for the terms we use and our attachment to the capitalist system. He chides us for terms such as capitalist and socialism, saying we use them incorrectly, but if he would check virtually any mainstream dictionary, he would find our usage acceptable in today’s vernacular.”

Yes, dictionaries do tend to be class phenomenons — in that “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force… (Marx).” My admonishment, though, was directed towards the (liberal) congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who, as I demonstrated, remains clueless concerning the very meaning of socialism.

Miller: “But his biggest claim, that capitalism is just an economic stage to work through to eventually get to the ‘nirvana’ of Marxism, is an absolutely unsupportable theory.”

I, however, have never made such a ridiculous claim, because as a Marxist, I know that the establishment of socialist society is by no means guaranteed. In fact, and at this point, the likelihood of American society falling into a state of industrial feudalism is far more likely then is the bringing about of a socialist commonwealth.

Miller: “ …do you really think all of the innovation the world has seen in the last 200 years (which by the way coincided with the blossoming of capitalism) would have happened or would continue without the rewards of capitalism?”

Well, given that virtually all innovations have been developed by workers rather than by capitalists, yes, I do think that the process of modernization would continue under socialism only without typically parasitic capitalists appropriating the lion’s share of said economic rewards.

Guy Marsh


We need

visual barriers

During a car trip down south a few days ago, I had occasion to use the entire length of the 605 freeway, both ways. As the typical traffic conditions are most days, there was an accident, luckily for me on the other side, for both of my transitions. The traffic in my direction still slowed considerably though, thanks to all the lookyloos.

Utah has a specialized response team to these types of accidents that erect a temporary visual shield around the scene. The result is a temporary slowing of opposite direction travel until the barriers go up and then a quick return to normal flow. This is a huge help to traffic flow plus alleviating subsequent accidents caused by inattentive drivers in the opposite direction looking at the accident.

California has a few center medians with visual barriers of very moderate height. The installation of those were to alleviate night blindness by oncoming traffic headlights. They still were not high enough. The installation must have stopped years ago. Why?

As the California Democrats have a limitless source of other peoples money, a solution to both of these problems would be for CalTrans to add visual barriers to all freeway center medians to a total height of about 8 to 10 feet. Then even trucks, buses and tall RVs would be helped, along with the millions of cars.

Barry Braman


Varsity blues

and hair sniffing

Vincent White is sure “varsity blues” scandal is a good example of “white privilege” where as I believe it to be a good example of “wealth privilege.”

Honestly does Vincent think there are a massive number of white people who could afford to fund the scandal?

Democrats are sure the hair sniffing of Joe Biden is not sexual harassment. It has all the trappings of harassment — power and position over those he sniffed and more. What I do know is it is downright creepy. There is more to say but you get the idea.

Is Tuesday designated as liberal letters to the editor day?

Curt Redecker


Dirty politics

Politics seem to be getting dirtier and dirtier. Now it doesn’t matter which party you are affiliated with, if you don’t like who is running, you can leak unproven or trivial information, blow it out of proportion and smear the person’s reputation.

Politicians don’t care about the people they are supposed to represent. They just want to keep their party in power.

Just goes to show you that there are a lot of scum bags in politics.

Gary Hansen


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