Explanation appreciated

Thank you, Guy Marsh, for saying, I think that Israel’s much-dreaded demographic time bomb, combined with the efforts of the BDS movement, will ultimately transform Israel into a secular state.

What that means is that you want a country for the Palestinians with no Jews.

Thanks for answering my question honestly.

David Cooper


We need to get off the ‘evil course’

In 1991, now ex-vice president Joe Biden was then-chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  

At that time, Anita Hill made personal, but completely unsubstantiated claims against Clarence Thomas, in his confirmation hearings for supreme court justice. Those claims were designed to destroy the man’s personal life, reputation and career. Very similar to those made against now justice Brett Kavanaugh.

After extensive committee questioning of both Mr. Thomas and Ms. Hill, Mr. Biden now blames the rejection of her unconfirmed and uncorroborated claims on “white man’s culture.”

He seems to be suggesting that a culture of “people of color” would have destroyed a man’s life, who is himself an African American, strictly because his political beliefs differ from what may be their own.

Biden has essentially stated that fairness toward both the accused and the accuser is something only old, white males believe in or perhaps such outdated concepts should be rejected in our  enlightened 21st century.  

I submit that those comments are not only insulting to the community self-identified as people of color, but also deeply racist, itself.

This is exactly what will continue to happen to our society while we remain on the destructive and evil course of political correctness and victimization being dictated by the intolerant fundamentalist religion of progressive politics.

John Manning


‘The contrast

was striking’

So, Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee chose less than eloquent Republican Congressman Mike Conaway to demand Adam Schiff’s immediate resignation as the committee chairman. Conaway launched the verbal wallop in the opening minutes of an Intelligence Committee hearing yesterday.

It was notable as Conaway read from his accusatory script that he did so with virtually no eye contact with Schiff. Obviously, the words penned in anger and behind closed doors with only like-minded members were a bit more difficult to verbalize to Schiff’s face and Conaway buckled under the pressure.

Schiff, on the other hand, responded cogently and passionately to the accusations, while frequently looking his accusers directly in the eyes. Following nearly a solid week of the president and his toadies prematurely celebrating his “complete and total exoneration,” Schiff’s task was appreciable.

After all, the president had just conjured up a new disparaging nickname for Schiff referring to him as “pencil neck.” But somehow, despite all odds, Schiff managed to use his reportedly slender neck to hold his head high and look his accusers straight in the eyes as he answered their charges. The contrast was striking.

Jarold Wright

San Rafael

‘Deep Bandini’

Many years ago, the Bandini Company was a major American fertilizer company and whenever someone got into a lot of trouble, we used to say that they were in “deep Bandini.”

Today, I believe that Donald Trump may very well be in “deep Bandini.”

Marty Scepan


He’s not well

Donald Trump’s not stable — and that should be a huge news story when it comes to absent coverage of Trump’s mental stability, I’m not suggesting it needs to be clinically based. But when the president of the United States gives a nearly incomprehensible, two-hour, flag-hugging performance, the press, cannot and should not look away and pretend that Trump’s behavior even remotely approaches what passes for normal in American politics, let alone for an occupant of the Oval Office. The president is not well.

Trumps speech wasn’t just some long-winded or rambling speech. That was pure insanity and the fact that a sitting president unleashed such a bizarre performance, punctuated by so many incomprehensible non sequiturs, means his stability and capacity ought to be questioned and it ought to be a pressing news story.

Luckily, some journalists are addressing the key issues. Al Jazeera English’s Mehdi Hassan recently hosted a podcast titled “Why Won’t the Media Discuss Trump’s Mental Instability?” And following one of Trump’s signature Rose Garden performance art routines, Esquire’s Charles Pierce stressed, “If your uncle behaved like the president behaved on Friday, you’d hide his car keys, lock up the booze and drive him to the neurologist.”

Donald Trump is not well. And that’s something you should whole-heartedly consider when you vote in 2020.

Miguel S. Coronado


Let it sink in

President Trump’s wall cost less than Obamacare website. Let that sink in!

Judy Watson


This circus brought to you by...

The Board unanimously approved this contract this is amazing knowing that Davis and his barbecue buddies actually voted for something with the other two members he outcasted.

I am sure Davis will get one of his friends to start a new company to take over this contract eventually!

Davis circus three rings of entertainment brought to you by the voters that put him on the soapbox!

Jordan Eisenman


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