Come on, 2020

I see where our pathological lying president, who compulsively lies to everyone about his great accomplishments is at it again.

This time he is bragging about the 2.5 miles of repairs made to the pre-existing boarder barrier in Calexico which now has a welded plaque that proclaims this is “the is first section of President Trump’s boarder wall.”

Anyone with a brain knows that this is an out and out fabrication of someone who is more of a flim-flam man than a respectable and trustworthy president. I really don’t think the man is capable of telling the truth. It surely behooves me how his many followers can believe what comes out of the man’s month.

This man has used trickery and deception to gain the confidence of his voting victims where he has persuaded them using a clever manipulation of the facts that he is the greatest president to ever serve this great nation.

January 20, 2021 cannot come soon enough. I don’t care who the Democrats run. That person will surely be a more honorable person that President Trump.

George Jung

Antelope Acres

Hoaxes everywhere

Russian spies have a video of prostitutes peeing in Trump’s Moscow hotel room and are using it to blackmail the president.  

False story, taken from a discredited dossier paid for by Democrat party, used to start the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Donald Trump’s fixer meets with Russian agents in Prague. False story, the media embellishes the collusion hoax.

Supreme Court nominee assaulted several women, drugged young girls and participated in gang rapes. False story, media hoax.

President Trump ordered his attorney to lie to cover up crimes. False story, media hoax.

A gang of racist white school boys taunts a native American elder. False story, media hoax.

A little known TV actor is mugged by two angry white Trump supporters wandering about a Chicago neighborhood at 2 AM during a sub-zero polar vortex with rope and bleach at the ready. False story, media hoax.

Multiple Trump associates convicted or charged by Special Counsel Mueller will soon turn on their boss and his family. Indictments are imminent. All are false stories, the collusion-delusion hoax continues.

Trump and his associates colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. False story, fake news, thoroughly debunked, the mother of all media hoaxes.

Trump obstructed justice. He interfered with the investigation of his nonexistent Russian collusion. The illogical pivot replaces the debunked collusion hoax with the new hoax of obstruction.

What a sad state of affairs that so-called journalists promoted these hoaxes. Yet they complain when President Trump accurately labels their phony stories as fake news.

Bill Homan


We all suffer

Why buy a stupid yearly California fishing license? Buy it today and you get to fish for only nine months, until it expires on Dec. 31.

No DFG Trout stocking in Southern California anymore, except in the green, bird poop filled, filthy, unsafe inner city duck ponds “to help kids say no to drugs and gangs.”

Way too many confusing and stupid ocean regulations and seasons. The most expensive fishing license in the nation for the worst fishing. More than $50 a year! Or $15 a day.

Fishing in our forests also requires an expensive forest pass to park your car there.

Illegal aliens caught without a license or poaching are let go by DFG wardens.

Many in our California State Legislature hate fishing and want it banned. Native American tribal members are generally exempt from DFG regulations.

Our seniors on limited incomes must drive to Long Beach every year and then can only make $850 a month to qualify.

Half of our fishing license fund do not go for trout planting as required by law.

Our fishing license funds go to the State of California General Fund and thus to fund the inflated pensions for all the retired State of California employees’ cushy retirements.

It’s getting worse, too. Not any better.

The voters here vote for more leaders who make up more laws. And we all suffer.


Ace Carter


Do something, Parris

Real estate sales people in Lancaster take note. Avoid south bound on ramp at Ave. K.

Use an alternate route to show clients homes in the area. We have a real eyesore on the west side of the freeway namely a homeless, squatter camp. I have never seen so much trash in one area.

The homeless must trip on all the trash and discards they have accumulated near their tents at night. Mr. Parris please send tower lights to illuminate the camp for safety. Just as I thought the amount of these squatter camps is growing fast! Soon they will be camping in your neighborhood as our city government looks the other way and refuses to stop this insanity.

Could our leaders be afraid of doing something because they don’t want to be labeled mean uncaring people? It’s time for residents to tell them we are not going to let this trash heap continue in Lancaster.

Rory Stilson


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