No hate, please

Letting your hate show through is really sad when its stated as an opinion.

In today’s opinion column 07/04/2019, two letters did nothing but spout hate, or disbelief. Such as, Nixon in on the hoax or seeing the light with no comment about proof, just a lot of “should; possibly; might be” kind of comments.

It appears that many people like to spout their hate, disbelief or attitudes with nothing to back up their comments. Lots of terms like “everyone knows, you Republicans must agree, the possibility exists, there is the possibility that proof exists, everyone knows it’s illegal” and many other remarks that only point to your own warped sense of right or wrong with no proof of where the information can be verified. If there is proof, then say so, if someone lied prove it, if there is a law then state it. I truly enjoy many of the opinions shown in the AV Press, but it’s often spoiled by a few with only hate and unsubstantiated comments.

Some writers seem to get their ideas from the same location that flatents come from. Keep up the opinions but drop you personal hatreds.

Gene Sannes


Congrats voters

Congratulations California voters! You have elected a timid and queasy governor who doesn’t have the backbone to sentence the worst of the worse to death.

The death penalty can act as a deterrent to keep people out of prison but our governor thinks the death penalty is mean spirited. Even our justice system is a problem with its appeal process for death row inmates that can drag on for decades. Swift punishment is just punishment, but not in California.

In 2012 and 2016, voters rejected a measure to abolish the death penalty. Once guys like Gavin Newsom got into office, they find a host of excuses to avoid doing what the will of the people want.

There are 737 death row inmates in California and 2,706 in the U.S. The death penalty should always be on the table. There is little reconciliation for the victim’s families who have lost loved ones.

I ought to know, my brother was killed in the L.A. riots of ’92. The two illegal thugs that killed my brother were give light sentences by then-acting L.A. District Attorney Gil Garcetti. Now his son is following in his father’s footsteps as Major of L.A. Go figure!

Dennis Tope


Random thoughts

Enforce the existing law that you have to be a citizen or have a legal work permit to work in the United States of America. Have the government do their job. If a Social Security number comes up suspect make them prove who they are.

According to your editorial on 3-30-19 UCLA is going to cure all the world’s climate change problems. Well when they make a solar panel that will run a whole house the size of a magazine and have all the water go from toilet to tap so people will stop  buying water in bottles then I will buy their climate change snake oil.

Everybody’s panties in a wad over security clearances I remember a question on my clearance paperwork about had I  ever used illegal drugs. Seems the community organizer who knows all sees all and walks on water was admitted dope smoker so who blessed him with his clearance?

16 years to vote! Why don’t we set it up this way! If you have to be 25 to be a representative in Congress you should have to be 25 to vote for them. 30 to be a senator 30 to vote for them. 35 to be president 35 to vote for them.

Steve Brewer


Rein him in

While other presidents have willingly released their tax returns and divested themselves of business interests, Trump maintains he’s a victim singled out for harassment at his pitiful pity parties known as Trump rallies.  

Who voted for this weak-minded, thin-skinned, pathological liar (over 9,000 since 1/20/17) and ignorant of the Constitution and how the federal government works expecting a strong and competent president?  

A 5th grader could have signed the tax bill created by the GOP majority. Do you think he read it? The only thing he cared about since he’s avoided paying taxes for years is a provision that saves real estate developers like himself and his family millions of dollars.  

Nearly everything he does is stupid and is either mitigated by his cohorts in the administration or by the career federal employees who he disparages constantly. He is dangerous and has to be repeatedly reined in to avoid catastrophes as Mitch McConnell predicated that the closed border would be for the economy.  

Bill Pappas


Real estate investments

Israel’s criminal land-grabbing has become less and less about absurd religious ideas and more and more about shameless real estate investments.

Have read that Kushner and Netanyahu and Co. are interested in real estate investments in the illegal settlements in the Palestinian West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights. Our crooked president would of course be part of this.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

The what?

TV Technician Joseph Springlework says: “The dingle-dangle somehow is not communicating with the whapsnuddle.”

In other words, your TV-DVD connection doesn’t work. Don’t ask me why, but for another $500 we can take it into the shop and take a looksee. The other option, which may be the better way to go, is to start from scratch with another TV/DVD and connect the dingle-dangle with the whapsnuddle. That should solve the problem. What’s your credit card number?

Ray Carver


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