Care to bet?

Why are we being forced to endure more and more “solar farms” around the valley, destroying desert ecosystems and potentially exposing us to valley fever?

We have acres and acres of parking lots where we’ve already done this “harm.” It must be a “good idea,” our taxes have subsidized this very thing at schools all over the valley.

We live in a state where they want to eliminate gas and diesel powered vehicles and tell us they are actively working to thwart “climate change.” Our county and city governments keep saying we need to lead the way to renewable energy programs.

So why aren’t our “leaders” telling the utilities to buy everyone’s unused power they generate? Why aren’t building codes requiring solar panels over all new parking lots? Maybe even on top of commercial buildings. They’re planning to do it for new homes.

If you’ve ever been to one of these covered lots at night, they are much better lit than the old lights on a pole system. I’ll guarantee that people leaving the mall late at night will love them. And while they do leak some (which could be solved), they provide protection from the weather.

It could be contracted to the companies that already do this, owned by the property owner or some joint collaboration.

But for it to happen, our government representatives need to represent us, not the utilities and solar companies. Any bets on Sacramento, L.A. County, Lancaster or Palmdale ever moving in this direction?

Glenn Miller


Best behavior

A major metropolitan LA newspaper reported on 12/04-18, that a member of the Trump administration, whom they identified, stated that Trump was going to be on his best behavior at President George H.W. Bush’s funeral because he’s grateful that he was invited to attend.

I can’t believe that the American people may have to worry about whether or not the current president of the United States is going to behave himself at the funeral of a former president. Just imagine what he may have done at John McCain’s funeral when you consider what he did with the White House flags after McCain died.

Marty Scepan


Who’s going to verify?

Things are getting so corrupt these days that you have to  question everyone. Wasn’t it President Reagan that said “Trust but verify?”

A Jerry Brown appointee, Christine Baker, who was executive director of Industrial Relations, was appointed to a seat in the Fraud Assessment Committee, before Jerry left office.

It has been reported that she has had her daughter hired by this committee without meeting the minimum requirements for the position, had not submitted application for the job and had not followed the normal procedures that all applicants submit.

So far, both seem to be working in the same department in violation of the state nepotism laws. and in violation of Industrial Relations rules.

What with Jerry gone, who is to verify?

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Rex is the ‘best’

Attracting bad press has spelled the end for the likes of Donald Trump appointees Tom Price (Health and Human Services), Ryan Zinke (Interior), Scott Pruitt (EPA) and David Shulkin (VA) among many, many others.

As of March 25, 66% of Trump’s “A” Team — Cabinet officials and senior staff across the government — has turned over since he became the “worse president” in American history, according to figures kept by Kathryn Dunn Tenpas of Brookings.

If Mayor R. Rex Parris had a 66% turnover in his administration, I would question his leadership. I don’t. Which means, Parris will be a better president then Trump.

I know Parris, is one of the best mayors in America.

Miguel S. Coronado,


Yes, I’m real

As a Lancaster native and former resident for 64 years, I must respond to the April 6 letter regarding the origins (“oranges” for the Trump folks) of my submissions to this paper.

Though I recently moved to Northern California, I still feel deeply rooted to my hometown. I have many friends, former colleagues and former students there. And though many of them have very different political leanings, I value those relationships greatly.

I have contributed to this editorial page with letters on numerous topics over the years. When Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for president in 2016, I expressed my horror and disbelief. I have been commenting on Trump’s perilous political path ever since.

Whether one agrees with my sentiments or not, the opinions expressed in every letter are my own. The letters are of my own creation and although my wife catches an occasional typo, I am the sole author of each epistle I submit. I consult with no radical progressive cabal over pitchers of beer, plotting a vast liberal propaganda campaign. The Valley Press is the only newspaper to which I contribute my written opinions.

Though I do find the political mindset here in the Bay Area more in tune with mine, being closer to my cherished daughters and granddaughters was the reason for my relocation, not politics.

So, I hope the writer of yesterday’s letter and his neighbor can find some solace in the fact that I am not part of a sinister left wing conspiracy. And, as for the offhanded compliment that my letters appear to be “too well written,” thanks!

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

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