The frog in the water

I just received a notice from SoCal Edison that beginning March 2019, a Time Of Use (TOU) surcharge will be added to my electric bill. The big hit is the five hour period from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

What a surprise, that it is the time when people are getting home from work, preparing dinner with a plethora of electric appliances, turning on the home A/C and for some, plugging in the old electric car (or maybe two) to recharge for the next morning trek to work.

At the same time that demand is going up, the sun is going down (lower angle from the sun to solar panels and then no sun) and the wind from the day is starting to decrease, reducing output from the windmills. All this reduces the supply of electricity mandated by the renewable energy political regulations. Almost any nut could have seen this one coming.

And we are still in the extreme early stages of plug-in electric vehicle acquisition if the government has its way. Recharge demand by them will dwarf all other electric usage. Most average homes today have 200 amp service panels. Imagine requiring 2,000 amp panels and the wiring that goes with it. I predict this is only the first of many substantial increases in the electric bills. This is a prime example of what can be expected of “The Green New Deal.”

Question for all you Democrats: At what cost of energy do you consider too much? Do you remember the axiom about the frog in water that is being slowly heated?

Barry Braman


Not anti-Semitic

God bless Representative Ilhan Omar, one of the only congresspersons honest and courageous enough to take on AIPAC and the rest of the Rightwing Israel Lobby and its land-grabbing criminal persecution of Palestinians. Of course Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist and bigot. Just read the speeches by him and his gang.

And before someone makes the usual silly comment about “anti-Semitic,” please note that, unlike Netanyahu & Co., Ilhan Omar is all Semitic, not 2/3 Germanic.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

You have to put

your name on it

When will it end? A day does not go by that President Trump seems, to make some off the wall comment about something he knows little about.

We are now learning that he made some really bizarre comments during a visit to Mount Vernon with Emmanuel Macron, the president of France. After learning that our nation’s first president George Washington speculated in real estate, President Trump made the remark “If he was smart, he would’ve put his name on it.” (Meaning Mt. Vernon). In addition, the president said “You’ve got to put your name on stuff or no one remembers you.”

Really? After all Washington D.C. is named after our first president.

I say we need to “Make America Great Again” and vote this nincompoop out of office in 2020. Voting President Trump out of office will truly Make American Great Again.

George Jung

Antelope Acres

‘Party  to her abuse’

Although U.S. Senator Martha McSally’s sexual assault while a member of the U.S. Air Force was a tragedy, it is only too unfortunate that she has no understanding of the fact that militarism is a significant part of the rape culture that exists within the U.S.  

For rape is a very effective weapon of war and the U.S. military is no exception concerning its use.

Therefore, while being a willing member of the U.S. Air Force for some 22 years, Martha McSally was party to her sexual abuse.

So, too, is it the case that, in living up to its role as a gatekeeper to the Capitalist system, the U.S. military helps to protect and perpetuate Capitalism’s brutal exploitation of Mother Earth and wage labor, both of which are forms of rape.

So my advice to young people is: avoid “serving” in the U.S. military. Don’t be a part of the problem. Be a part of the solution.

Guy Marsh


Poppies over news

There have been other letters stating their latest opinions of this newspaper and the lack of many variables. This one is mine on a particular subject close to my heart and thousands of other readers.

The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve has been having a spectacular season. With lines of cars all the way out to Lancaster Road. And multiple thousands of flower enthusiasts literally everywhere. And many places they should not be.

Since early March to now, mid April, one could say there has been chaos at the Poppy Reserve. Approaching the Reserve from any direction, you’ll find on any road, the flower addicts, freaks, fanatics, maniacs, and connoisseurs of the beloved Poppy.

There was even an illegal helicopter landing! A first for that. There has been coverage from the Los Angeles TV stations. It’s been a big deal. Except for this newspaper. The coverage here has been almost non existent. There was a couple paragraphs in Bill Warford’s column several weeks back.

Aside from that, there has been a single photo of the Reserve on page 1 of the April 9th edition. And that’s all. It’s almost too little too late. The bloom is beginning to fade.

 The last great bloom was 2017. Coverage then was spectacular. Now, at that time, there was a different editor, who not only managed all the letters to the editor, he went out every day and shot photos all through the season to keep readers well informed. And there was different ownership then. It was far better then than now.  

I put together a Reserve Scrapbook in 2017 regarding all the write ups of the spectacular bloom. There were probably about 35 plus pages. I’m doing the same this year for the spectacular bloom this year. This year there is 1 page.

Phil Denny


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