They’re all the same

Another anti-Trump rant. Give me a break. Mr. Gerold Wright in Tuesdays Valley Press wrote another anti trump rant, he is dishonest, unfit, blah blah. and etc.

Liberals by nature must have the attention span of a three year old. After lengthy smears, investigations the Left still has nothing on our president, only more of the same baseless lies.

O.K. He won the election get over it. I wish someone would take away his Twitter account but he does have a Constitutional right to self expression. Liberals you know that pesky piece of paper you continually try to trash and make a “living document” so you can pick and choose which parts you like and throw out or infringe the rest.

But besides that lets look back at some Liberal presidents who were not very presidential or even good at their job.

Bill Clinton, playing hide the cigar in the Oval Office. The behavior and actions of Bill Clinton made Joe Biden’s kiss look angelic in comparison.

President Obama, a nice guy but just about spent this country into to poor house, at least he didn’t cheat on his wife and did not sell secrets to the Chinese.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the patron saint of the Left. Not only did he have a mistress or two but steered this country into a hard move into Socialism and failed economic policies.

JFK well known for multiple affairs and almost got us into an atomic war. We came very very close because the Soviets felt he was weak and was compromised.

So Mr. Wright maybe you might want to just move on.

David Stilwell


It’s not about race

In response to Vincent White’s letter April 5 2019 regarding white privilege and the University scandals. You failed to mention in your letter that Dr. Dre and his partner gave a donation of $70 million to USC and low and behold his daughter got accepted a few short years later. Can we call this black privilege?

So called white privilege is a myth promulgated by the left. First, no reasonable person can argue that white privilege applies to the great majority of whites, let alone to all whites.

And if it were true, why would whites commit suicide at twice the rate of blacks. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If white men are so “privileged” why are they killing themselves at such high rates?

Second, there are a host of privileges that dwarf “white privilege.”

A huge one is two-parent privilege. If you are raised by a father and mother, you enter adulthood with more privileges than anyone else in American society, irrespective of race, ethnicity or sex. I’m sure you are aware of the epidemic of single parent black families.

From previous letters you have written, I believe you were raised by two parents, you earned a college degree and became a successful accountant. Should you feel guilty for your two-parent privilege? I think not, but if you were white, you are supposed to.

There are countless reasons things can go wrong in a person’s life. Very few have anything to do with race in America today.

Jack O’Connor


Thanks AV Hospital

I was admitted to the hospital on Saturday, April 6, with acute appendicitis.

I was placed in room 383 North.

There are no words to convey my appreciation for the level of care I received while I was recovering from the surgery. I was treated with kindness, dignity and respect from every staff member I encountered, from my nurses to the person cleaning my room.

I would especially like to thank Pam, Tanya, Caan and Jasmine.

With all the negative press the hospital gets in the Valley Press opinion pages, I felt the need to get the word out, these people care.

Thank you for all you do.

Steven M. Thomas


Love the skin you’re in

I was taught as a minority that I was a human being. That I should not look at the color of a person’s skin, but look at the color of their heart.

This is how I  was reared and how I reared my children. We were 10 children, I had a sister in law who was Jewish, a brother in law who was Syrian, another sister in law who is welsh, my husband is German, a daughter in law who is Mexican, a son in law who is Philapino, a nephew who is African American, I am aboriginal Native American.  

My mother was a chemehueve, my father was a Lipan Apache, I am appalled to hear people using race to be ashamed they are white, just to kiss people’s butts, to win an election? None of us living today were slaves, yes some of our parents suffered and were treated less than human. They said we Native Americans were half animal and half human.  

So because my grand parents and great grandparents etc., should I carry my race as a tool to hurt people who’s great great grandparents were mistreated or try to make people of today feel guilty? Hell know!

Be proud of who you are, stop all this race pity, if you treat someone good they will treat you good and if they don’t, you did not need them in your life!  

Get over it people, you bring your race down. You become like those people of the KKK, only in different skin color.

Sorry but like my wonderful parents and great great great grandparents, I am a human being and love who I am.

Mary King


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