Setting the record straight

I am a Liberal and I am tired of reading the Conservative’s opinions that are black and white and I don’t mean races. I’d like to respond to Jack O’Connor’s letter.

From my point of view as a Democrat:

We do not want the borders to be wide-open. We want a reasonable way for those who seek the American dream to obtain it without having to risk their lives to get it.

I’m so proud of our country and I love that others seek asylum here. If we have a more affordable, compassionate way for folks to come here, it would be marvelous. How many stories have you heard about immigrants coming from Europe with a few dollars in their pockets and creating a life for themselves and their families? Our friends south of the border deserve the same opportunity. Seems like conservatives are only ok with that when the immigrants look like them.

It is ridiculous for you to believe Democrats believe “It’s ok to kill babies.” We simply believe a woman should have the right to choose.

We do not support abhorrent behavior. Period.

If your doctor earns $15 an hour, I suggest you find a new doctor.

Peaceful protesters did not loot, pillage and burn businesses. They protested peacefully. Others took advantage of the situations. Peaceful was peaceful.

Those who struggle with gender identity deserve our support because we are compassionate human beings. Just because it doesn’t fit into your paradigm doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Robyn Young


Defending the right and MLB

First thought, Major League Baseball (MLB) pulled the All-Star game from Atlanta in protest of the recently passed Georgia voting law.

Rob Manford and MLB are now aligning themselves with the world’s hypocrites. MLB, on Wednesday, signed a media agreement with a Chinese company closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party who stopped the NBA in China over the Houston Rockets GMs support of the Hong Kong civil rights protesters.

MLB protests voting rights but gives human rights a pass when money is involved. MLB is headquartered in New York which has more restrictive voting requirements than the Georgia voting bill, but MLB is ok with NY but not Georgia. But MLB is just getting on the Biden train where the president lied not once but several times on national TV about the content of the Georgia law. Even the ultra-liberal Washington Post fact checker said Biden is wrong. MLB, Delta Airlines, Coke, and LeBron James are in the same hypocrite boat with the pander in chief, President Biden. I wonder if any of them even read the law because it sure does not say what they are saying it says, in the case of Biden probably not.

Second thought, on Wednesday March 31st Ralph Brax wrote a letter to the editor on what it takes to call yourself a republican. His first criteria are you need to be a racist which is a disgusting statement that reflects more on him than those he accuses. Brax classifies 70 million plus voters as racists which lately seems to be anyone who disagrees with the political far left.

Curt Redecker


It’s a conspiracy

No, I didn’t write this, and I don’t know you did. but I certainly could have written this.

Do I believe that some people are sick? Yes. Do I believe some people are dying? Yes. Do I believe some hospitals are overrun by people who are panicking? Yes. Do I believe some nurses and healthcare workers are terrified? Yes. Do I also believe we are being lied to about a lot? Yes.

Do I believe they’re lying about the numbers? Yes. Do I also believe the media is spinning this? Yes. Do I believe this is political? Yes.

Do I believe this is to strip Americans of more rights? Yes. Do I believe there’s a bigger picture? Yes. Do I believe this is more about control than anything else? Yes Do I believe we as Americans just set the most dangerous precedent for our liberty and freedom ever in the history of the world? Yes. And I am 1 million times more terrified of that than I could be of any virus. Because when we make it out of this I don’t ever want to have to tell children stories about when America was free. No. I’m not gonna stop talking about it just because you don’t like my opinion.

I’ve never been one to keep my mouth shut and I’m certainly not gonna start now. Everyone’s freedom is too important.

Judy Watson


Jim Crow

Things that make one go humm. One needs a valid state issued I.D to buy a gun, liquor, tobacco, board a plane except for Delta Airlines, make a credit card purchase, buy a car, make a loan, drive a car, buy a house, get a job, cash a check, open a bank account, rent a car, file an income tax return, file for unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps and Sec. 8.

Is this why Blacks in America do not have the same opportunities as Whites due to being denied an I.D. talk about Jim Crow laws.

Soon proof of a COVID vaccination will be needed for travel with talk of being taxed but not for illegal immigrates which many are COVID positive crossing the U.S border.

But not a I.D to vote which helps against double voting and voter fraud.

Meanwhile illegal immigrants are given the right without fear of deportation to acquire a state issued drivers license and a state issued I.D. Why never any mention of helping Blacks acquire a free valid State I.D. that sounds like Jim Crow alright.

Miguel Rios


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