GOP can’t govern

Once again President Joe Biden has the Herculean task of cleaning out the Aegean Stables like he helped do in 2008-2016.

Every single Republican president has had a recession in their first term for the past 100 years. They lead in stock market crashes too in 1929, 1987, 2008 and 2020.

Then, Democrats must come in and clean up and restore the country repeatedly.

From 1945 to the second quarter of 2020, the Gross Domestic Product grew an average of 4.1% under Democrats versus 2.5% under Republicans according to a report by CNN. Don’t believe it? Check for yourself. It could be 6% in 2021.

Republicans handling crises. Reagan was MIA for years during the AIDS epidemic. Bush failed with Katrina and Trump cost 100s of thousands of lives due to his ineptness and lies during the onset of the COVID pandemic.

“It’s a hoax.” — Donald J. Trump.

Watergate. Iran-Contra. January 6, 2021. There’s a pattern with them undermining our country.

President Clinton successfully handled the war in Bosnia while the Bushes fumbled disastrously with Iraq. The blind cleric behind bombing the first North Tower was caught by the Clinton Administration. The Oklahoma City Bomber, Tim McVeigh, was also caught then executed. President Obama caught and disposed of Osama bin Ladin who Bush 43 had given up on.

Republicans left D.C. in worse shape than they found it in 2009 and in 2021. Republicans stormed and desecrated the Capital. Then Congressional Republicans voted to overturn the election despite Rep. Mike Garcia’s (R) pathetic excuse. Republicans will continue their obstruction/destruction of anything the Democrats do to promote the public welfare.

Republicans. They can’t govern. They can’t protect us. If they say they can they are lying. The GOP is bankrupt.

Bill Pappas


Finding the truth

The truth shall set you free. Here is the truth. I contacted the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association about the letter that Ron Bellvelle wrote about Franklin Graham. Here is their answer:

“Dear Friend

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your interest in confirming a story circulating around the Internet titled “A Sad Truth,” “The American Dream,” or, “Time is like a River.” This is an updated version of an earlier e-mail that has been sent out for some time. We can assure you that Franklin Graham is not associated with the original or the newer version. According to (a site that researches the legitimacy of Internet rumors and stories), this email has been circulating well before Franklin’s Jacksonville Festival in 2015 and has been erroneously attributed to different people.  

We hope this information is helpful. May God bless you.

Sincerely, K. C. James, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association”

As a fellow Christian of Franklin Graham, I am very surprised that Mr. White’s main concern wasn’t finding out the truth about the matter instead of criticizing Republicans.

Jeanie Stephens


Water talk

This text is prompted by the “More homes, more water” article, by Yvonne Des Lauriers, in the Sunday, (3/28/21) issue of the AV Press, as well as my “Water Talk” article in the same issue. Also, AV Press article, “On tap in state: Another drought four years after last,” published April 1, 2021, and the AV Press article. “California snow pack below normal with wet season ending,” published Friday, April 2, 2021.

Yes, Yvonne, you are asking a very valid question. In addition, what has happened to all the billions of the California tax payer’s funds that has been appropriated? Ref.: This proposition authorized $7.12 Billion to be spent by the State. REF.: This additional proposition authorized an additional $8.877 Billion to be spent by the state. That’s $15.997 biillion total authorized in four years. Where is it all being spent?

In addition, Ref.:

Considerations include:

Do the 2018 water conservation laws set limits on personal water use? Will residents be fined $1,000 for using more than 55 gallons of water per person per day?

Ref. Senate bill # 606, and Assembly bill # 1668


Ref. httsp://

With all the above in mind, we should have a better picture of our California water sourcing.

Gordon V. Jefferson


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