Follow the money

In the news there is a lot of panic about the children at the border unaccompanied by a parent, as well as their treatment while there.

I always say follow the money and see where it l eads you. So lets examine the facts at hand.

First, what kind of parents allow their children to leave home walking for, they say 22 days, to get to the border, all alone?

Second, who paid for the overnight stays for those 22 days, did they stay in hotels those 22 nights?

Third, they had to eat and drink along the way, who paid that cost, where did all that food come from?

Fourth, in the news, many persons are seen with brand new tee shirts, stating, Biden, please let us in. They did not wear them for 22 days and look that new, did they? Who paid for them, and where did they get those shirts from?

Fifth, why did congress not send the national guard down to the border to assist with the masses of people showing up there? Dumb and dumber exists in our government.

Sixth, who paid the money to get these children and people from these other countries that far from home and still standing. Is it our responsibility to pay for their welfare just because they show up at the border?

I think not, when we already have a problem with t he amount of homeless individuals living in this country. Why don’t we send them out to live in hotels, they are in need, right?

I will be waiting, why does our government not follow the money, because the tax payers sure as the world are looking for an answer from the government about what is going on, who is responsible for such stupidity?

Robert Teller


Don’t need them

So, two sitting U.S. senators, women of color, have decided not to vote to confirm any of Mr. Biden’s nominees to various federal posts, if they are ... gasp ... white.

They have decided that every federal appointee must be of color of a LGBT whatever or else.

Mr. Biden has nominated a few folk who should never have been nominated but by and large, most have been because of their experience and ability to do the job — exactly what should be the only requirement to get the job — skin color, sexual preference is not a reason to get the job, if there is a more qualified person available, regardless of color, etc.

And lets be serious, sexual preference should never be even asked or made known to get a government position.

So, Mr. Biden you don’t need two haters to get your appointments approved. You know what to tell them. And no, I did not and will not vote for you. But you are president.

Skip Thacker


The issue

I don’t understand why it is a big deal to show identification to vote.

In every state, you have to have a driver’s license to operate a vehicle, I.D. card to cash a check or use a credit card.

People are saying it’s racist or Jim Crow to show I.D. for voting. Well, I guess we need to shut down libraries, bars or liquor stores and hospitals because they require identification.

Also, to join a political party, you have to provide identification. People, get real.

Gary Hansen


No press conferences

This is in response to Mr. Jim Gardner’s 28 Mar 21 article in the AV Press.

He stated President Biden has yet to hold a press conference. However, he wasn’t concerned about the cancellation of the daily press conference that many presidents use to communicate their agenda to the voters.

The Liar in chief administration terminated the daily press conference because the press secretaries could not defend his constant lies. The Liar in Chief has changed the way press conferences are held forever. The Liar in Chief held his press conference as he was getting on or off his airplane or helicopter. If he didn’t like the question he would say it was fake news or it’s a witch hunt.

He set a Guinness book of records for how many press secretaries that quit during his administration. The Liar in Chief is the only president in history that didn’t have daily press conferences. Looking forward to hearing from a Liar in Chief supporters on this topic.

William A. Collins III


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