A prediction

The terrorists coming through our border with Mexico will cause another 9-11 in the future.

Alicia Avila


Spread awareness

I’m writing this letter because I’m curious about this topic that you should perhaps include in you’re newspaper.

I’m curious about many people in our community talking about these protests that have been happening. These protests have been involved with so many violence. The violence needs to stop, violence is not the key to our solution.

These protests have caused many deaths to citizens. were all the same, were all a big family that needs to protect each other. Instead of protecting each other we’ve been hurting each other. How will we stop this? How are we going to spread awareness and stop this violence?

This is were you’re help comes in hand, if you help write this in you’re newspaper, we can help spread awareness.

I want this to make a huge impact and show everyone that were like a huge family.

Ariel Ontiveros


Tell me

Can anyone explain to me exactly how Kacklin Kamala is going to fix Pinocchio Joe’s southern border “crisis”?

Last I have heard all they are doing is looking for military bases to hide 20,000 plus unaccompanied minors and volunteers to take care of them. The adults it’s back to the old catch and release that worked so well for he who knows all sees all and walks on water.

I heard Kacklin Kami talked some central American president a week or so ago and she’s going to visit central America some time in the month of June if her schedule allows. She appears to be a real take charge person. Charge of what I don’t have a clue.

Steve Brewer


Still the case

I wrote, “White Christians are not only self-right­eous and complicit relative to racism; they have perpetuated white supremacy” and “[promoted] the Christian bible, which encourages slavery, racism and white supremacy.”

While disagreeing with me, Mike DeBry wrote, in part, “This is what the Nazis promoted regarding the Jews to turn public opinion against people based on religious belief.”

Oh, please. Although Christianity is certainly bigoted, I didn’t scold white Christians for their being Christians. I did so based upon their documentable hatemongering ways.

Consider that the fictional character “Jesus Christ” is presented by white Christian congregations as “being” a white man, despite his “immaculate conception” having taken place within what is now considered the Middle East. That serves the purpose of perpetuating inequality respecting Christian doctrine.

According to a recent PRRI survey, white Christians are twice as likely as non-religious whites to view police murders of Black workers as outliers instead of the usual way cops treat such workers.

Additionally, white Christians are 30 percentage points more inclined than non-religious whites to claim that Confederate monuments are representative of “Southern pride” rather than symbols of racial intimidation.

Although white Christians claim not to be bigoted, harboring racist beliefs is with great certainty correlated with white Christian identity.

Mike DeBry then claimed that my comments stand contrary to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but that isn’t true.

That law exempts churches from the prohibition against religious discrimination in employment and, in reality, from all other undertakings of religious institutions.

DeBry: [E]very Christian church I know of welcomes White, Black, Hispanic, and every other race, and no, they don’t have to enter through separate doors.”

MLK: “It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o’clock on Sunday morning.” That’s still the case today, Mike DeBry.

Guy Marsh


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