Are you listening?

For several years, I have advocated, before the Lancaster City Council and the AV Hospital Board, that the city be persuaded to correct the horrible traffic situation that exists on Avenue J near AV Hospital. I am speaking of the lack of a turn lane into the ER Department at AV Hospital when traveling west on J.

Prior to the street being currently torn-up for re-surfacing, the ambulances and emergency vehicle had to do a dangerous maneuver of attempting to turn left into incoming traffic to access the ER department. 

I understand that, eventually, the route into the hospital campus will be altered, but, for the next few years, until a new hospital is built and the Lancaster Health District (formerly Medical Mainstreet) is constructed, the emergency vehicles must have safe and speedy access to the hospital. Let’s reconfigure the street the right way.

Are you finally listening, Lancaster city government? 

Michael P. Rives


Cattle ranching

With Earth Day near, sustainability is top-of-mind. As a rancher, I am proud that I provide both high-quality beef for consumers today, and maintain the land to provide a better future for generations to come.

We believe that being a better rancher means being a better steward of the land. At Diamond W Ranch, the principles we employ for better forage production for our cattle also facilitate important benefits like increased wildlife diversity and reduced erosion. 

Because of cattle grazing, we have become more drought and wildfire resistant. Not only does caring for our animals and the land give us a great deal of satisfaction, but it provides important environmental and economic services, too. Our cattle have allowed us to take land that would otherwise remain unused and turn it into a protein source for humans. 

This type of ingenuity and resourcefulness is practiced by farmers and ranchers all over the country. 

I’m committed to continuous improvement so that we can produce the beef consumers know and love, while preserving our natural resources. It’s a practice that will allow us to continue living off this land, generation after generation.

Mike Williams


What’s become of the GOP?

You know the wheels have fallen off the wagon when former President George W. Bush describes the Grand Old Party as “isolationist, protectionist and, to a certain extent, nativist.”

As we all know, the 43rd president was not a liberal. However, by today’s GOP standards he is very liberal. The former leader of the free world wrote an editorial in the Washington Post encouraging Republicans to be more humane and sensible on immigration. He wanted to remind the leaders of the GOP that “immigrants are, after all, human beings, and also people who are vital to the American economy.”

The last time the GOP wanted sweeping immigration reform was in 1986 (35 years ago), when President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act. The bill that was signed into law also provided amnesty. Remember President Reagan once said; “I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though some-time back they may have entered illegally.”

One thing about President Reagan, he did not like to see immigrants abused. I am not so sure this is the case today with the likes of Moscow Mitch, Looney Tune Ted Cruz, and we cannot leave out Lindsey Graham who has his head so far up Trumpty Dumpty’s rectum, that in the event the former President passed gas, Lindsey’s neck would be broken.

It is sad that the Republican Party has been high-jacked by the likes of these men and by Donny Boy who is not only intensively xenophobic, along with proving himself terrifyingly willing to treat immigrants as if they were something less than human. He has compared immigrants to vermin.

My guess is President Reagan is turning over in his grave as to what the GOP has turned into. 

George Jung

Antelope Acres


Why can’t the library open? Is it dangerous to let a few people in for a limited time? Why can’t they figure out how to accept paperback contributions? 

Roger Biasi


Change needed

There aren’t a lot of problems with Lancaster but there are some I think the community and everyone wants acknowledged. 

I have seen that there are a lot of people jaywalking and not caring about what is happening around them. I am asking you as part of the community of Lancaster to please write something about it so people can create change.

There are balloons and crosses everywhere around the streets because of jaywalking and many are children. I and many others believe and are asking you to please help us out because we believe that there are people who are dyeing everyday for stupid reason.

Anthony Pavlos


If the shoe fits

In reference to my opinion on hate speech, one person responded. 

Even though I used no names, he stated it was written about him and his friends.

As my grandfather would say, if the boot fits, wear it.

Gary Hansen


Vaccinate children

Lately I have been thinking of an issue that we need solved here in Lancaster, and that issue is that kids are not able to get the vaccine. 

Many kids are going back to school and without the vaccine they are at risk of getting sick and spreading the virus. So children in Antelope Valley should soon be able to safely get the vaccine. 

If children got the vaccine then it would be much more safer to go back to school and other public places. So, vaccines should be available for everyone, including children.

Faith Schmidt


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