Better to end it than start it

On April 14 Joe Biden announced he was going to withdraw the remaining 2,500 US troops from the “forever war” in Afghanistan by September 11. It is about time. When we invaded that country in 2001 our goals were to drive al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan, significantly weaken their organization, and capture Osama bin Laden. The first two objectives were accomplished rather quickly, and in 2010, under Barack Obama, Osama was killed.

For the past 11 years we have been mired in an endless civil war in Afghanistan. Obama and Donald Trump both hesitated pulling out our troops for fear they would be blamed for “losing the war.” 

Biden explained we needed to “recalibrate our foreign policy,” and face the serious threats posed by China and Russia, problems left unattended by Trump.

There have been few people criticizing Biden’s action, outside of warmongers like Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S Carolina). How nice it is that we are ending a war rather than starting one.

Ralph S. Brax



I often read Guy Marsh and his friends speak ill of and belittle Christians, caucasians, and America. Their comments are based on what they want to believe rooted in their combined ignorance. 

They fail to recognize that our country, America, is made up of many different races, religions and national origins, and take it upon themselves to berate Americans. 

We have heard Frank Sinatra’s “What America is to Me”, sing about the many different people in this country who are made up of the many different races, religions and national origins. John Wayne, no singer, even made a popular recording “America, Why I Love Her.”

There was even a public service announcement on our Superman comic books that read: “…And remember boys and girls, your school — like our country — is made up of Americans of many different races, religions, and national origins. So, if you hear anybody talk against a schoolmate or anyone else because of his race, religion, or national origin — don’t wait: tell him that kind of talk is unAmerican.” This public service announcement ended with “Help keep your school all-American.” 

As simple as this message is, let’s add that if someone doesn’t like our American nation, and our American people, and they want to speak or write in such unAmerican ways, just maybe they should immigrate to the paradises of Cuba or Venezuela, where they will be happy.

Richard Skidmore


Not the only one

In answer to the letter from Gordon V. Jefferson I was on the USS Constellation with fighter squadron (VF92) we had a Combat Air Patrol doing it’s job when a MIG came up on his radar. The pilot could not arm or fire his missiles until he got permission from the White House. When he finally (remember chain of command) he armed and tried to fire, the missile failed to fire. When he landed aboard the ship boy was he mad! So you see Mr. Jefferson was not the only one upset in that war.

John Mints



In his Kern County Report, Mr. Deaver stated his concern about “…bigotry toward people of Asian descent, primary Chinese.” Research shows “…about four-in-10 US adults (39%) say it is more common for people to express racist or racially insensitive views about people who are Asian than it was before the Coronavirus outbreak, while 30% say it has become more common for people to express these views toward people who are Black. “Many Black & Asian Americans say they have experienced discrimination…”,, July 2020.

God allowed Mr. Trump to be president to expose racism so it can be addressed. Mr. Deaver took the first step: “For the record, I grew up in a time when racism, which is bad enough now and was even worse then. Which meant that I reflected the attitudes of those times for many years for which I apologize.” 

I have not seen this in 28 years of writing to the AV Press. Change cannot be initiated without acknowledging that racism exists. I commend Mr. Deaver for doing so.

I do not recall Jesus staying silent on issues that needed to be addressed. I would like to acknowledge Mr. Marsh (by the way, it is nice to see Mr. Sirota writing letters again) for addressing issues such as racism. Mr. Marsh does not espouse Christianity but has addressed many issues that Christians fail to do. Shane Idleman is an example of this.

For my apology, I recall at least two articles from Editor Jennifer Garcia about writers using inappropriate comments toward her and/or staff. Ms. Garcia took over as editor in May 2018 and has not received the recognition that she should. I should have said something in opposition when she was being treated this way and for that, I apologize. 

Vincent White


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