Comedians and gun control

Watched some old Tonight Show reruns on YouTube the other night. Johnny Carson was absolutely hilarious not like all these late night liberal activists that call themselves comedians.

Some of the best guests were Don Rickles, Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams. The stuff that they said would never be allowed by the PC networks today.

Question. Is there anything that the liberals propose on gun control that would have stopped any of these mass shootings ever? Anything? What specifically stops a mentally challenged person from purchasing a firearm? So called background checks don’t seem to work. The shrinks don’t report the mentally ill to the DOJ. Firearms don’t kill the mentally challenged kill.

Steve Brewer


If only

If only the owner had renewed the auto registration. But they did not.

If only the young man had refused to driven the unregistered car. But he did not.

If only the young man had responded to his prior arrest warrant. But he did not.

If only the young man had allowed the officer to take him into custody on the arrest warrant. But he did not.

If only the officer had  used her taser to subdue the young man. But she did not.

If any of these event had happened this terrible tragedy  would not have come to be. But it did and as a result, we have one lost life and an officer charged with manslaughter.

Jim Brock


Who’s to blame?

A 13-year-old is out at 2 or 3 a.m. with a 21-year-old shooting at a car, the police respond to shots fired and upon arrival the pair run away down a dark alley.  The 13-year-old is told to drop the gun but, in the darkness, apparently throws it over a fence and is raising his hands when the officer fires one shot, not a series of shots, killing the 13-year-old, a tragedy for sure.

The mother of the 13-year-old holds a press conference complaining about the shooting. The mayor also holds a press conference questioning officer conduct and denigrating the police. But no one asks why a 13-year-old is out at 2 or 3 a.m. No one asks why a 13-year-old is shooting at a car.  No one asks why a 13-year-old has gun residue on his gloves. No one asks mom why a 13-year-old is running around with a 21-year-old. No one asks mom where she was and where she thought her 13-year-old son was. So, who is at fault?

Curt Redecker


Fighting war

This text is prompted by the AV Press article, “Ray Lambert, D-Day survivor, WWII torch bearer dies,” published in the April 13. 2021 issue. This article commemorating Mr. Lambert’s bravery as a member of the “Greatest Generation” is a must read.

September 1961, as a US Naval reservist, my drilling unit was called to active duty. The Navy activated eight old WWII Destroyer Escort warships from the mothballed fleet, manned them with 90% reservist crews, and said, “you are expendable.”  We were the 1st destroyer flotilla to be sent to the Vietnam operational area.

USS Marsh, DE-699, was my ship.  January 1962, we departed for the Vietnam operational area. We were classified as advisors. At 2 a.m. each day we were issued our firing orders. The political situation, determined our firing orders, that is to say, if we were authorized to return fire if fired upon.  

Our mission became a floating radar platform for the Vietnamese Navy. We were to aid the Vietnamese patrol craft to stop the flow of Viet Cong supplies from the off shore Islands to the mainland. We would vector the patrol craft to their targets.

One of many situations comes to mind. We were operating off the coast of Cambodia, when we detected a concentration of Viet Cong supply vessels. No Vietnamese patrol craft was with us.  One or more Viet Cong vessels fired upon us.  

We sustained a direct hit on our rear (after) gun mount. Our Captain gave the order to return fire. We retired from the fight. That night we lost three crewmen, with additional wounded. This was a no firing day. Our captain endured a Court Marshal, for firing on a no firing day. Never was published in the newspapers. What a way to fight a war.

Gordon V. Jefferson


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