Fair is fair

Well, another Socialcrat has declared for the 2020 POTUS election, having zero chance of getting the nomination, let alone defeating Mr. Trump.

The 12 or so, and there will be more, Socialcrats who have declared to run, will each get big donations, perhaps even federal funds, i.e., your tax dollars, which, if it’s true they get the fed $, they can spend on political stuff — and I think, they get to keep what they don’t spend, if that is true, there is where reforms must begin.

Sadly, a mental nut went off in New Zealand, a truly beautiful country, and despite strict gun laws that don’t work anywhere, see Illinois, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., New York City, etc., at least 50 are dead. Then this fool tries to implicate our president.

That is as wrong as the Muslim who confronted Chelsea Clinton about it being Ms. Clinton’s fault that the attack happened!

You know, just as it was a movie’s fault.

I am no fan of any Clinton, but the Muslim was way out of line. Fair is fair.

Skip Thacker


His actions

are a contempt

Our new Governor Newsom wasted no time in putting a stop to the State’s death penalty (at least while he is in office).

In the 2016 mid-term election the voters of this state approved a proposition to speed up the  death row process. That is to shorten the time it takes for convicted killers to get their just  rewards.  

In other past elections, the voters have voted down propositions that would end the death  penalty. That is the will of the people of California, it’s irrelevant what voters do in other states.

Nor is it a question whether these people should be allowed to be put to death. They have been tried, convicted and sentenced in a court of law. If Newsom, as he has said, is concerned about innocent individuals having been wrongly convicted, then it behooves the State to review those cases separately. There is a process in place to examine those issues. So, that does not seem to be his real reason for his decision.

Newsom is waving off and ignoring the demands of the voters and overriding them with his own personal views.

He has established himself as a majority of one and thereby his actions are a betrayal of and in contempt of the people.

Dave Walker


Ripple effect

In his letter “Ripple effect of (gas) tax will raise prices” (AV Press, 4/06/17), Steve Pittinato wrote, “Everything we buy … comes on a truck. Prices will increase to help cover the cost (of California’s gas and diesel tax increase of 2017). To all liberal’s who think Jerry Brown is their messiah, remember this in a year or two when a Big Mac will cost $20.”

It is now two years later and it is my understanding that the current price of a Big Mac is $3.99, which stands in sharp contrast to Pittinato’s promised $20. Now in fairness, the price of a Big Mac has increased by $1.56 since 2017.

That, however, has everything to do with the Federal Reserve’s inflationary practice known as “Quantitative easing” of it the Federal Reserve pumping gargantuan amounts of cash into the economy each year, that which has created the (illusion) of a sound financial system in the wake of capitalism’s latest crisis of production (2008-2009).

Within the capitalist system, supply and demand and only supply and demand determine prices. No amount of manipulative fear-mongering concerning the likes of Jerry Brown will ever change that fact.  

Guy Marsh


He wants

an apology

So, it’s been more than a week since the Muller Report delivered the news many of us already knew, that there was no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Seems like ample time to pen an apology, yet I haven’t seen any other lefties apology letters published as of yet.

On the contrary someone penned some dribble alluding to this mythical collusion in Sunday’s addition. How about it Lefties, how about an apology to President Trump and the tens of millions of us that voted for him? Two years and 30 million dollars wasted on a hoax.

Here’s a recent quote from Dennis Prager “the biggest reason I never believed the Russian collusion charge was that the charge emanated from the left. And the left lies about everything. Truth is a liberal value, and truth is a conservative value, but it has never been a left-wing value. People on the left say whatever advances their immediate agenda. Power is their moral lodestar; therefore, truth is always subservient to it.” Pretty much says it all.

Jack O’Connor


The ‘left’ destroys all they touch

In Sunday’s column, William P. Warford noted two issues that sum up our erosion as a society.

First the use of vulgarity openly in movies, television and by celebrities and politicians. I was brought up to believe cursing was the tool of an uneducated mind.

Today, no one takes second notice of such things. I remember when the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup at a celebration rally, Mayor Garcetti noted that politicians were warned against being seen with alcohol and cursing but. (with a beer in hand he said): This is a big F----ing deal.

The second was a sad report of the downfall of The Southern Poverty Law Center. As a high school history teacher in the 90s on, I used many of their classroom aids because they were helpful to communicate the historic injustice faced by blacks and other minorities. I even donated to the organization.

But in the early 2000s, the organization moved left in content. This further confirmed my belief that the Left destroys all that they touch. So sad that they still are a large part of many teacher’s programs.

John B. Smith


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