You’ve got to be kidding

Twilight Zone time again at City Hall.

Reported in Mondays Valley Press, a move to replace all landscaping tools, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc., with battery powered versions. Are you kidding me.

I know common sense is uncommon but it is almost, and I am trying to be kind, completely lacking at City Hall. Have you any idea the capital outlay that would be required by each business to buy all new battery powered lawn mowers and other equipment.

Never mind the fact that they would have to carry a gas powered generator to recharge them or was the City going to spend more money putting in lawnmower charging stations in each neighborhood?

The men who take care of my yard do 10 or more homes a day, they work hard as I am sure other landscapers do. The internal combustion engine is the only currently practical motive power for everything from weed whackers to jets. Now on to the ozone scare.

Maybe it was missed that the wind blows here a lot, old timers don’t call it land scatter for no reason. There are inversion layers which can trap pollutants but rarely here, our valley has an open end so out with the bad air in with the good air.

By the way I’m glad I live upwind from the proposed pot farm the city is so pleased with putting in or is it OK to have Lancaster smell like a skunk, now that’s what I call air pollution.

David Stilwell


Where are your minds?

I am sickened at the actions of the sickness of half of the American people.

Question, when President Obama gave Iran $4 hundred-million in the middle of the night, in hard cold cash for what reason? Unrelated for any detainees.

When Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of our uranium to the Russian’s, do any of you realize uranium is used for atom bomb’s.

These are truth’s, not speculation, get you heads out of a hole and come together to investigate real dangers for our country. And our people.

They have lied to us the American people, and you bought it hook, like and sinker.

Mr. Obama also had children separated from families, crossing our borders put into cages, and no one said a word.

I pray for this country, that you get your heads out of the sand. Dems, Liberals, Socialist, wanting to pass a law that would allow a baby to die even at the time of birth where are your head’s, minds?

I am seriously asking some who can still think and have a conscience and love truth and our country to stop your political party from destroying our country.

Mary King


Good representation

I just want to praise Noah Sveiven, the student trustee member of the Antelope Valley Unified High School District Board.

Thank you, Noah, for having the courage and good conscience to speak up and state your opinions. I am proud that you care enough and have the eloquence to speak so well before the Board.

Unfortunately, the AVUHSD is now running amok with three members enriching themselves and voting as a block to stop any other votes from having any impact.

They are rewarding themselves with personal websites and other items, and ridiculously hiring a $400 per hour sleeping lawyer who charges $1,600 per meeting only for his driving time each meeting, plus $400 per hour  to snooze through the meeting, and then he actually argues with the already hired, long-time lawyers employed by AVUHSD.

Noah Sveiven’s Declaration of Conscience was concise and to the point: “Stop scheming and stop plotting ... be ethical, act admirably, be honorable ...” and Sveiven admonished the other members to listen to the professionals who spend their lives working for the students in the district schools. Amen to that!

Thank you, Noah. You definitely represent us well.

Patty Akkad


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