Apology needed?

Skip Thacker I think you owe Jussie Smollett an apology, same as the Socialcrats like Clinton and Sharpton because as of today all charges are dropped ... that means it was probably “someone white and Republicans” with power.

So the corrupt cops in Chicago according to FBI and DOJ, not me saying it, know that he is exonerated.

Lynde Williams


No more booze

On March 14, the Palmdale Planning Commission voted to grant a conditional use permit to Cinemark to sell alcohol at their theatre in the Palmdale Mall.

The Palmdale Prevention Community Council presented their opposition to the granting of this CUP because the Mall and 10th Street West already enjoy 55 restaurants that sell alcohol, several just a few feet away from the theater. There is clearly no need for more alcohol in the area.

Additionally, this is a venue that attracts underage youth, which comprise a major portion of their patrons. Local youth need more alcohol-free venues in which to recreate, not less. Instead, our local appointed leaders have seen fit to change one of the very few alcohol-free venues that exist for youth.

This is difficult to understand and it would be hard to imagine how it could get worse, but it does.

During the Planning Commission meeting, a representative of the Palmdale Sheriff’s Department stated that the Department expressed opposition to the granting of the CUP because of the many disturbances and calls for service. The Planning Commissioners voted in favor, 3-1, with newly appointed Reverend V. Jesse Smith being the only dissenting voice.

Is this the end of it? No, it gets worse. During the meeting, Planning Commissioner Bart Avery voted in favor of the CUP even though Bravery Brewery, a business he owns, sells beer at the Regency Boulevard Theaters in Lancaster. Conflict of interest? What happens if he starts to sell alcohol at the Cinemark? Still no conflict of interest?

Reverend Smith was the only planning commissioner advocating for youth. Let’s hope others will learn from his example and understand that they do not have a mandate to support everything business. Even chambers of commerce know how to balance other interests.

Xavier Flores

Palmdale Prevention

Community Council representative


Hard to see

Lancaster City Hall recently appropriated money to be spent on roundabout art. In my opinion, this art is a ludicrous proposal.

Does our mayor regularly use the roundabout he insisted on putting at Challenger and Ave L?  It has art obstructing the clear view of oncoming traffic and creates a potential danger to drivers approaching and entering the roundabout. The distances between entry points is so short that it is easy to accelerate and meet with another vehicle if a driver enters circle without regard to right-of-way. It is impossible to see drivers until they are well within the circle. Night driving is hazardous due to the speed at which one can enter and exit the circle. The only clue during hours of darkness is the reflection of headlights,  to let a driver know that a car is approaching the opposing side. That monument currently in place at the circle did not need a mound to sit on. I have often seen semi tractor trailers attempting to maneuver this circle and it is not easy with the short space between entries. I would hope the next engineering marvels of this type will not be obstructed. Put art at the outside of the intersection!

In Victoria, Australia, nearly every intersection has a circle; no such art exists, nor do mounds. Drivers there obey right-of-way rules and use turn signals. Those circles had ample room between entry points, unlike our Avenue L version. The concept works well there and driving was a breeze.

Locally, drivers do what they want without much regard to right-of-way, are hardly attentive or patient and the fatal accidents in the city have been astounding in number. Take the art money and put it to better use in providing more traffic patrols.

Colleen Thompson


There goes the water

Here in the AV we spent millions in lawyer fees fighting over 100,000 acre feet of water a year. Today 20,000 af went down the  American river at Oroville Dam. Another 24,000 af went down the Sacramento River from Shasta Dam. This will go on every day, all through spring. The dams are full.

John Goit

Antelope Acres

Know the difference

Aaron Lett wonders why he can’t access CBD locally. There is a huge learning curve for communities.  

The hemp industry has actually existed for thousands of years, but to the recent American consciousness, it’s brand new. My interest in CBD was piqued when my mother’s dementia showed marked improvement after only a few months of use.  

In this ancient and yet relatively new field, there is a lot of (mis)information floating around and  unfortunately since cannabis has been classified as a schedule one drug, there has been little to no scientific research.  

Now scientists and universities are scrambling to amass data. We won’t have clear, scientific data for years. Studies take time. However, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence to substantiate the benefits of CBD and a few studies have surfaced to provide at least some data for folks to study.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between hemp and cannabis.  

While they are close relatives, there is one very huge difference. Hemp contains negligible THC, the hallucinogenic component that gets people high. Like a poppy seed bagel has trace amounts of heroin, but it won’t get you high. CBD will not get anyone high.  

When President Trump signed the farm bill on Dec. 20, 2018, it opened the door for farmers to once again grow hemp and now it is used for myriads of purposes.  

CBD, hemp oil is just one. Our local family owned and operated company here in the AV provides THC free, top grade, lab tested CBD products. It is important to buy from a tested trusted source.   

In the meantime, Mr. Lett, I think there are many folks who appreciate your concerns and questions. BEE well!

Vivian Komori


It could take days

Today’s AV Press 03/27/20, the story of a woman killed by police and family gets $9 million because the police didn’t know of her mental issues.

The police are supposed to know about a person’s mental health before they arrive? I could see in the future, one calls 911 and the conversation goes like this.

(911 operator) “What is your emergency?” (caller) “There is a person attempting to stab people and I think someone will get killed.” (911 operator) “Oh dear, well first I will need to find out who the individual is and who that person’s doctor is. Once we get approval to see the attackers medical records, we will then need to find out about any mental health issues. What day would be convenient for the police to come to investigate the issue you just described? It will take at least three days to get all the information needed, so how about a week from Thursday and we will right there to have the police try subdue the person you’ve described. The police will only use the most humane methods including pleading and offering help and care. We will get right on you case but must remain within the bounds of public opinion and keeping the lawyers satisfied. That could take a bit longer. You have a nice day.

Gene Sannes


Deep thoughts

Oxymoron: Adam Schiff chairman house “intelligence” committee

Oxymoron: Maxine waters chairman house financial services committee

Why is it they want skateboard lanes in Lancaster when they don’t use the bike lanes?

Seen a billboard one side Parris law firm other side home pot delivery how cool is that when they have no dispensaries in Lancaster?

Why is it professional politicians are expected to lie but when they do everyone acts surprised especially the mainstream media?

Porn lawyer Avenatti now running for president from jail in New York how fitting. When are the rest going to join them?

I see that a glacier in Greenland is growing after years of shrinking. Al Gore’s work is done.

Seen two people in bike lanes in Lancaster of course they were going the wrong way.

Steve Brewer


What a trio

I see where Donald Trump is interfering into the elections in Israel to keep Bibi Netanyahu in power.

That sounds to me like Vladimir Putin sabotaging our presidential election to defeat Hilary Clinton and help elect Trump.

Putin, Trump and Netanyahu. Now there is a threesome.

Ralph S. Brax


Off to see the wizard

Talk about neighborhood  blight — Lancaster is going from a “pot” field on one end to a patchwork quilt of solar panels on the other end!

Yep, it seems like our progressive governing body has written a new playbill starring the Wizard of Lancaster and his minion of wild monkeys who, it appears, like to look at their reflections in those myriad mirrors.

Meanwhile, the wizard’s once prolific audience, attracted by affordable housing, the now slowly dimming lights of “The Blvd” and disappearance of abundant seasonal poppy fields, have headed for the hills of the Inland Empire!

Anymore bright ideas Rex?

Pat Williams


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