Congrats to the ‘cult’

A warm, heartfelt congratulations to the progressivite cult.

The version of the world you’ve been openly advocating to impose on everyone else over the last decade, well, you got it. Funny thing is, now that one of your high priests (Joe Biden) has been accused of transgressions against your dogma, you don’t like it.

This PC (should be CP instead, for completely phony) ideology you wanted so badly to impose on everyone else, you have to live by it too. Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it, and realize it’s not what you thought it would be.

Dax Agner


Trump’s tax returns

Both Democrats and Republicans think that the Mueller report and Donald Trump’s tax returns are important.

Democrats think it important for them to be seen. Republicans think it is important for them to remain hidden.

Michael Komins


Anything but that

The other suburban newspaper recently had an excellent article on Donald Trump signing 101 executive orders since his inauguration day.

It revealed a great deal about our president and what he considers important. The vast majority of the orders accomplished next to nothing, resulted in few policies or task forces and seldom required the enforcement of existing laws.

Many of his orders were aimed at his shrinking base, such as veterans, factory workers and far right evangelicals. This would lead one to believe that Trump is doing this for a little pomp and circumstance and to get his face on television.

On the other hand, I certainly don’t want him to start taking his job seriously.

Ralph S. Brax


It’s a conspiracy

During a conversation with a neighbor about our local paper’s opinion page, he expressed something that started me thinking more on the subject.

I’m beginning to notice that some of the AV Press Letter to Editor writers seem to have a one-track mind. Specifically one. “His” city of residence shows as San Rafael. That is a suburb of San Francisco, the bastion of extreme liberal ideologies that is ruining California.

The content from “him” always consists of copious amounts of extreme negative adjectives targeted towards the president. The content seems well written, from a English teachers perspective, almost too well so.

A little logic starts to point toward a thought that maybe this is not a single person’s authorship. Could it be that this is nothing more than a group of ultra-progressive liberals getting together to provide regular propaganda to many newspapers? Maybe a weekly evening gathering to author and edit, always against conservatives, along with six pitchers of beer, prior to submittal.

I doubt that news media scan others for identical content. Why would someone from a city that far away contribute content down here that is consistently biased in one direction? Would our newspaper benefit from investigating this potentially blatant propagandizing?

Barry Braman


The Council did nothing

I attended the Palmdale City Council meeting on April 2 and waited for Non-Agenda Item #14-Public Comments to speak.  

It was, once again, on illegal fireworks. I did this right after the 4th of July, last year, July 10th, 2018. And for the next several months. Last night, I asked the Council to put on the agenda an item to rid the Antelope Valley of all of the fireworks booths.

They are not safe and not sane. Hold up a sparkler next to your face and tell me how safe they are. The Council had the opportunity to put this on the agenda and get rid of all the booths. It would be at least a small start to better our area.

It would make untold thousands of residents, along with their animals and pets, all are bothered by illegal fireworks. As for the subject of these organizations that “need” to do this to raise funds, I will never buy that. The booths are up for seven days. They have over 11.5 months to raise funds, you can’t tell me they “need” to have these seven days.

The City Council has allowed these booths since November 16, 1962 — 57 years of agony for residents.  That’s just three months after the city of Palmdale was incorporated! Long time! Time for change. Most everything in Palmdale has improved in that time. Except this. Disgraceful.

Item #16 on agenda, City Council Requests For New Agenda Items. Your Council did nothing. So. . . you will continue to see year after year after year, letters to the editor complaining about illegal fireworks.

But at least your Council could have taken a small step. Your Council did nothing.

Phil Denny


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