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Recently this paper published a story about Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA25) in which she was portrayed as a moderate.  

Among her previously stated positions is support for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. Another is support for Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All. She has never disavowed either of these positions.  

However, even Nancy Pelosi disparages AOC’s GND.   

Since these two programs would probably individually bankrupt our country, it is hard to see how a person supporting both can be called moderate. Leftist maybe, but probably full blown Progressive would be more properly descriptive.

One of a newspaper’s proper functions in society is to describe the positions of elected officials, however the descriptions should be within the realm of the believable given those actual positions.

Please be so kind as to keep that in mind in the future.

Clyde L. Dotson


No confidence in Parris and council

What in the world is going on at Lancaster City Hall? Mayor R. Rex Parris has requested he and members of the city council be appointed as “commissioners at large” or the city’s criminal justice, architectural and design, homeless impart and healthy community commissions.

A second approval of the new ordinance will allow the mayor and council embers to be summoned to the dais when a quorum could not be obtained for a scheduled commission meeting.

What became of the Lancaster Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics member statement that is signed and dated by all elected officials — the mayor and council members — and appointed Board and commission members?

Swept under the rug is the ruling independence of Boards and commissions that states, “Because of the value of the independent advice of Boards and commissions to the public decision-making process members of council shall refrain from using their position to unduly influence the deliberations or outcomes of Boards and commissions proceedings.”I’ve lost confidence in Mayor R. Rex Parris and the follow the leader city council for creating this fiasco.

D. Dianne Adams


Religion and politics

After former president Barack Obama left office, many wondered whether his wife would run for president as well. However, no one talks about what she went through with the following comments: “She doesn’t look like a first lady.” “She weighs too much to care about health.” “She is a feminist nightmare for focusing on her family.” “She is an ape in heels.” “She has a gorilla face.” “22 Things Michelle Obama Endured Rude, Racist, Sexist Or Plain Ridiculous Attacks.” Washington Post, Nov. 2016

Christian conservatives stayed silent. Both Michelle Obama and her husband received a $65 million advance from Penguin Random House for memoirs for both of them. Ms. Obama’s book came out first.

Ms. Obama criticized President Trump saying that she would not forgive him for “…promoting the ‘birther’ conspiracy that her husband was not born in the U.S. She describes his claims as dangerous and says they put her family at risk of being attacked by “kooks.”

“Becoming” was the bestselling book of 2018. Her book has been published in 33 languages and currently in its sixth printing. She is adding 23 more appearances for this year more than triple the original 12 planned for last year. “Sales For Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Hit 3 Million,” Washington Post, Dec 2018

Of Trump’s election and Hillary Clinton’s loss, she wrote: “I will always wonder about what led so many, women in particular, to reject an exceptionally qualified female candidate and instead choose a misogynist as their president.” “How Much Did Michelle Obama Get,”, Nov 2018

What the Obamas went through personifies what Galatians 6:9 is all about:

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Vincent White


He wants enforcers

It was widely reported that Trump, during a roundtable discussion in Texas this week, stated he wished the U.S. military could get rough with asylum seekers at the border.

He reportedly told ICE agents they should tell asylum seekers that the US is full; we don’t have any more room and that if a judge gave them trouble, they just tell them we can’t do it.

ICE brass had to tell the agents they could not, in fact, break the law, as he suggested. It appears Trump wants the US military and law enforcement agencies to be forces like those of the brutal dictators he admires and envies.

Of course, the GOP will remain silent so long as conservative judges keep piling up.

Rochelle Dowdell


That’s an oxymoron

OXYMORON. State seeks death for Golden State killer. Gov. Newson puts moratorium on executing death row inmates.

Lester Miller

Lake Los Angeles

It’s all about choices

In his April 12, column, William P. Warford indicts a call for ending senior discount’s at retail outlets because it favors a group over another group such as young people that may be more deserving.

The person making the argument supports it with examples of actions such as family size, college debt and so on compared to the average retired person who has a pension besides Social Security funds.

This in my mind is the point to keep the senior discount. As Mr. Warford points out the stores would not have the discounts if they lost money.

As for the struggling young families, many restaurants offer “kids eat free” discounts or other enticements to get such people into their restaurants. But I think the key argument is the actions of both groups over time.

The young person has college debt and other bills that use up their disposable income while the retired person has a pension. I would argue that life’s choices are a major factor in life’s results.

Do not have a family you can’t afford or take on a college debt that could be unnecessary if you planned on it taking longer to get a degree and getting a degree that is in demand and lastly getting a job that has a good pension. It is all about choices.

John B. Smith


It’s been used before

“Enemy of the People” is written by Marvin Kalb, an award winning American journalist.  

It is a frightening book, because it is based on facts. The facts are found in the history of Joseph McCarthy and the words, tweets and actions of Donald Trump. The book examines the sharp parallels between McCarthyism and Trumpism.

They both attacked the press, judiciary and those who do/did not agree with them. Both did/do so without proper regard for facts and evidence.  Both did/do anything to keep themselves in the headlines.

Trump has used the term “enemy of the people” to describe our media. It is interesting to note that the term was first used by the Roman Senate to condemn Emperor Nero. History’s dictators have used the term to describe those who oppose them.

Jim Flaxington


Great road work

The road work on 5th St. East in Lancaster between Ave. I and Ave. J is the most efficient job of replacing a bad road with a newly paved road that I have ever seen.

Traffic was minimally disrupted and it appears to be expertly completed. The city is to be commended for wisely hiring the right company to complete this work.

It is really great to finally see our tax dollars at work. I hope the planting of the landscape surrounding the exterior of our neighborhood development will be next on the list. It has been several years that funding was earmarked for this project.

Linda Bashore


‘Make believe detectives’

The powers to be let Hillary off the hook for failing to secure classified information and destruction of evidence and it looks like the same for President Trump’s Russia  and obstruction thing.

That should make us even. So we can only hope that Congress will get back to the tasks that we all elected them to do, instead of playing “make believe detectives.”

Jim Brock


Cult victimization at its finest

Kirsten Gillibrand the junior senator of New York and presidential candidate has done a mea culpa in now declaring that she was wrong in her previous views on immigration.

She has denounced her sacrilege and now apparently is among the more “tolerant woke generation” on that issue. She had been found guilty of heresy and the inquisition on the threat of political excommunication has now welcomed her back into the fanatical, bigoted religious rank of radical progressive thought. This is political correctness in its brutal and destructive reality.

A friend of mine, every year, has done extensive pro bono work in doing taxes for the elderly and low income people. This year, many of her clients, after having been informed that their refund will be lower this year than previously, will fulminate against the recent federal tax cut as a break for the rich and against the lower income folks like them.

When informed that the  reason for their lower refund is that they did not pay as many taxes during this year as last year because of the tax cut, and as proof are shown their previous year’s tax reports, they are annoyed at learning the truth.  

Yet another example of the cult of victimization that is spread by the dishonesty and the degeneration of what used to be principled progressive political thought.

John Manning


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