Walmart restrooms are better

Happy to read Mr. Mirzabegian plans to address increasing space in Emergency room.

I hope he discovers there is only one restroom in the entire emergency room area. One restroom for both male and female. Sick and frail, miserable and ailing, as well as diseased and nauseated.

I had the sad experience of waiting in the emergency room 32 hours before being admitted to a room. My first experience with AV Hospital was 58 years ago when my daughter was born. It is sad to see the conditions at the hospital now.

Hopefully Mr. Mirzabegian can accomplish his plans for expansion in the Emergency room. One can find better restroom facilities at our local Walmart

Celine Karamanos


Health care is not a right

In the news, I continue to hear and read that health care is a right of all people.

I cannot find where that thought came from.

Having read the top legal document of this country, the United States Constitution, it has as the first 10 amendments, 10 rights of citizens guaranteed under this valued document. Yet there is no amendment guaranteeing any form of  right to health care.

Since this document is the only one spelling out guaranteed rights by the federal government, would that, therefore, have to be an amendment to this document in order to be a guaranteed right?

It as well, cannot enroll anyone that has not worked for a paycheck because at the age of 78 years, my government deducted from my wage compensation, the amount addressed as FICA. That stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Account. Therefore, in order to qualify for Medicare insurance in my old age, I would have paid int the account all my work life — some 50 years, total.

Therefore, those that did not pay into this federal account should not have some right to health insurance payments of any kind. Freeloaders not welcome in my book!

For, as my dad used to say, “If you did not earn something, then it will be of no value to you and you will not respect and value whatever it may be.

Robert Teller


Prayers appreciated

Just so you know how much your prayers for David Vasquez are performing miracles. He just took his first steps  and will be able to watch his Dodgers sitting down. He is true blue.

He went to Tenn. with his father and two sons, ages 12 and 13.

Thank you editor and readers of the Valley Press for your wonderful prayers and say, go Dodgers!

Josephine Martinez


Republicans keep score

Mueller has finished his investigative report on Russian collusion.

There’s been four investigations (FBI, two Congressional Committees, Mueller) in almost three years. What  are the results? No evidence of Russian collusion by President Trump was found. Several top tier FBI officials and agents fired or quit for lying or violating Federal statutes.

The FBI has been corrupted and politicized. Several innocent people associated with Trump had their livelihoods and reputations destroyed, driven into bankruptcy by the overwhelming expenses of defending themselves against Mueller’s Special Counsel.

Destroyed lives of the innocent need to be made whole again, the government’s actions must be held accountable.

Serious divisiveness damage has been done to the country, mistrust of the political system, FBI and DOJ leaders and the media. The mainstream media’s vicious non-stop attacks against Trump looks like a DNC propaganda machine that spewed collusion conspiracy lies to the  American public. It reinforces the image they are the “enemy of the people.” They’ve perpetrated a fraud against this country, a tragedy.

And worse, attempting to conduct a non-violent coup d’e’tat through outrageous and unprecedented political manipulation to overthrow an elected sitting president. The Democrats are continuing to force more investigations, based only on concocted accusations. Simultaneously, their coup crumbles around them.

The Special Counsel and FISA Court need complete overhauls. The FISA Court has troubling primary issues. One, there’s no oversight on process procedures of allowing spying on Americans. Two, it’s a secret court. Why does the judicial system have secret courts?

The Special Counsel, exercises no oversight on why they run roughshod over peoples’ lives.

Permanent guidelines for future Special Counsels are needed.

The Dems were convinced Hillary would win in 2016 and Mueller’s report would prove Trump guilty.

The Dems were wrong. Score: Trump-2, Dems-0.

Dave Walker


Get on the ‘gravy train’

Bring a kid along, tell a sad story: get on the American gravy train. Democrats want the votes, Republicans want the cheap labor. Only solution: prosecute those who hire them. And apply for “asylum” outside the U.S..

Will Brown

Canyon Country

It’s been quiet

Is the #MeToo movement still active? Haven’t heard them say anything about crazy uncle Joe Biden’s inappropriate touching. Should we only believe women when they accuse Republicans?

Gerardo Hernandez


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