No hurt feelings

The word is out! Come and bring your old motor home, trailer or tent camping rig to the east side of Highway 14, north of Avenue H for free rent, no utility fees, no trash to worry about.

Looking over there, one witnesses a large squatter camp nestled in the desert with all the junkie motor homes, trailers one could possibly find in one location. We’re lucky the wind blows from the west or we would be inundated with trash blowing onto the freeway at your car.

I don’t know if the property owner realizes these squatters are camped out there, but it’s not a pretty sight. Of course, Lancaster officials don’t care because they are in Kern county. The problem as I see it is, if you let these homeless encampments continue, then the area becomes an ugly trash-strewn nightmare.

Apparently being poor means you have the right to squat on someone’s property and live for free in Antelope Valley. Our city and county officials are making a mistake, letting this happen. I guess the politically correct crowd doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Rory Stilson


15 minutes of fame

A recent article in the AV Press with the headline, “Only in the AV” expressed dismay at what many perceive is a woeful region, the Antelope Valley. Perhaps one can argue the relative accuracy of  that observation, in the past, but that no longer holds true, if indeed, it ever was.

When I first arrived here in 1973, as one of only a small handful of trained medical specialist physicians, the health professions and facilities in the area were barely adequate. Today, the Valley proudly boasts of a truly first-class medical establishment directed by a plethora of my younger colleagues, including a myriad of all relevant specialties.

The same may be said of the educational, aerospace and undoubtedly, other areas, as well. The intellectual and cultural levels have risen commensurably. The area is replete with engineers, educators, technicians, business persons and talented workers.

However, the persona we present to many, especially newcomers, is reflected, at least in part, by the local newspaper and the letters to the editor section. That section has degenerated recently with a small handful of perhaps a dozen frequent writers who can charitably be described as childish.

In dominating the section with gibberish that is culturally no different from the garbage frequently strewn throughout the desert, they besmirch all of us. I, personally, have largely stopped writing and even reading the letters and notice that others have also done so. We simply do not want to be associated with such immature nonsense.

The editors can print only what is received, so it is difficult to blame them. We, as a community, should respond and let it be known we are a proud people and not allow us to be belittled by such a small group of ranting people trying to find a purpose in life by seeing their name in print.

John Manning


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