Here’s a prediction

I’ve got a wild prediction for the 2020 presidential election. By the time the election comes around, the Democrats won’t have anyone left to run against President Trump.

That’s because nobody on Earth can pass their insane, progressivite purity test. Old tweets will come to light, high school yearbooks will be combed through, junior high love notes will surface (sexual harassment, of course) and there will be rumors of mean elementary school taunts, until no one is left. Trump will run unopposed.

Dax Agner


Where will our aid come from?

The Democrat circus clown car keeps spewing president candidates, but some of these clowns are not funny.

They are a real threat to the future of our country. They owe everything to this country, but instead of thanking God for being Americans, they seem intent on destroying the country itself.

Far from being jolly, they are filled with hate for everything that has made us great including the Constitution, the military, the police, the border patrol, law and order, immigration laws, the electoral college, market capitalism, etc.  They preach the wonders of socialism and communism, but they ignore two glaring failures of these systems, Cuba and Venezuela.  

Cubans have been ruthlessly oppressed for 60 years and live in abject poverty.   Venezuela was once the richest country in South America, but they are now eating from garbage cans and rioting over everyday essentials.  

The United States of America recently sent a huge cargo plane full of humanitarian relief supplies to South America for Venezuelans, but the communists wouldn’t let it in.  

If socialism and communism are as wonderful as they claim, Cuba and Venezuela should both be wealthy, successful world powers. But they are not, and that is the sad but real truth about socialism and communism.  

So I have a simple question. If you convert us to communism and our country fails as it will inevitably will, who will send huge cargo planes of humanitarian relief to bail us out?  

Wilbur W. Wells


Quick to change his mind

Several weeks ago, Donald Trump announced he was going to close the border between the U. S. and Mexico in order to solve the problem of the supposed border crisis. Of course there is no border crisis except for the one Trump created, by breaking up families who have crossed the border seeking asylum, and placing their children in cages.

Trump stated he did this because those nasty caravans were once again coming in from Central America with thousands of migrants, and to shut off the drugs coming into the U. S. The reality is that these caravans were nonexistent and the great majority of drugs which  come into our country  do so on ships and airplanes.

Now he has retreated from his ridiculous threat and said he will give Mexico one year to solve these problems.

He claimed the Mexican government had done a great job in the four days after he threatened them. Their government stated they were doing the same thing they’ve done for the past three years. Trump changes his mind so quickly on almost everything he says that one might conclude he has little idea of what he is doing.

Ralph S. Brax


Fire was a tragedy

Tuesday’s fire that destroyed the iconic Antiques at the Barn on Ave. I and 70th St. West truly breaks my heart. Joe and Nancy Gilbert were the nicest owners you could ever meet. What a tragedy.

On a personal note, Joe and Nancy helped us back in 2013 when my husband and I were in a near-fatal accident at that intersection when a woman t-boned us. Thank God for them coming over to assist us until the ambulance arrived. I have never forgotten that.

To see this fire happen to them really crushes my spirit. God be with Joe, Nancy and Frances. Our hearts are with you. We are very glad you are safe.

Carol Hill


Must be  ‘liberal Tuesday’

Once again Curt Redecker makes up stuff. The women whose hair Joe Biden sniffed said that while it was creepy they did not consider it sexual harassment as Redecker concluded.  I’ve never seen Redecker write anything about Trump’s disgusting conduct over many years to this day, sexual and otherwise.  

Selective outrage no doubt.  Also, harassment is legally described as conduct done on more than one occasion with the same individual. As far as I know, Biden did his touching one time with each woman. While it was creepy and unwelcome, it wasn’t harassment.   

Also, Redecker asks if Tuesday is liberal letters day? His letter was published on............wait for it..........Tuesday, April 9. He just can’t get a break.  The universe doesn’t support his thinking.  

Bill Pappas


No support here

To all the sanctuary cities ... from us tired of paying President Trump came up with the perfect solution. San Francisco, Los Angeles and all other sanctuary cities need to receive all illegal aliens from border and released from custody. You can have all those who come across holding their hand out for free education, housing, medical and welfare while looking for a job that they have no skills to obtain. Sanctuary cities have already filed they would help. Well this taxpayer is tired of it and let those cities and their budget support, not the feds or the state.

Gayle Failla


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