Happy news

Bill Warford’s column on the debacle that was the reporting on the Mueller investigation was, as usual, timely and right on.

In my training as a journalism teacher, we were hammered with the importance of facts and truth.  Many current print and broadcast journalists wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them.

For a number of years, we have witnessed people’s reputation being destroyed by the media but not with fact, but rather with rumors. It is time now for journalists, congress members, politicians in general, and those who speak their mind to do as Warford suggests, take a step backward and review what constitutes a fact.

The Democrats have attempted to destroy the president in every way that they can. He has talked about “fake news” and as it turns out, he just may be right.

The Democrats need now to make a turn and concentrate on governing this great big troubled country. We need solutions to our problems, tax relief, etc., but no more on the Mueller report.  Congressman Schiff of Burbank, a Democrat, was so sure the report would solve his “Trump” problem that he stated what he called facts that would emerge from the report. They didn’t, of course and he now looks a lot like the village idiot.  

The Democrats are as much to blame for the divisiveness in our country as they claim the Republicans are. And they might just have shot themselves in the foot for the 2020 elections.  They, as well as the rest of us, need to put this all behind us and move on.   

It’d like some happy news for a change.

Jim Gardner


Celebrity privilege

So, Jussie Smollett got off with a predictable slap on the wrist.

When you see a picture of him standing with the Obamas, smiling ear to ear, I guess it’s no surprise that a back room deal was brokered.

It speaks to the power of celebrity and being politically connected.

His defense now is that his Nigerian buddies did this all on their own.

At least he can’t blame it on whitey.  

I wonder what will happen if and when he really needs help from the Chicago police.

Another sad part is that it will probably boost ratings on “Empire,” potentially earning Smollett that long coveted pay raise.

Let’s see how the FBI investigation pans out on the mail fraud and details leading up to the dropping of all charges.

Chicago taxpayers are on the hook for the expenses generated from this investigation, which are way in excess of the $10,000 Smollett “forfeited.”

What did Smollett do for his two days of community service? Lick stamps?  

White privilege is a joke when compared to celebrity privilege.  

Mitchell Seyfer


It’s all about him

Oh my. Has President Trump gone completely bonkers?

His latest pipe dream is to get the courts to completely overturn and do away with the Affordable Care Act because he promised his beloved base of Budweiser voters that he knows more about medical and health insurance than anyone else in the whole wide world, along with being able to provide everyone with a beautiful health care plan.

Really? Give me a break. This man knows nothing about health insurance or health care. The only thing he understands is how to lie to the American people. He is an expert on that.

Next he and Betsy DeVos want to stop funding Special Olympics. He could care less if this would affect over 272,000 kids with special needs.  

In addition, he promised that he would not cut Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare. Now we are learning that his proposed budget has huge cuts that will have an impact on the poor, elderly and disabled.

Today, he moans and groans about Puerto Rico and how much it is costing to rebuild this tropical paradise that was almost wiped off the maps, because of back-to-back hurricanes hitting this tiny island where the inhabitants are citizens of the United States of America.

Lastly, he trash talks and belittles the late senator and GOP presidential candidate John McCain. I did not vote for John, but I respect him and how he served this great nation by wearing a naval uniform.

The man had a record of leadership that embodied his lifetime commitment to servicing the United States of America. This is more than I can say for President Trump. Trump’s only commitment is to himself.

George Jung

Antelope Acres

A conundrum

The definition of conundrum: “Something that is puzzling or confusing.”


1. American is Capitalist and greedy. Yet 50% are subsidized.

2. Fifty percent are subsidized, yet they think they are victims.

3. The think they are victims, yet this representatives run the government

4. Their representatives run the government, yet the poor get poorer.

5. The poor get poorer, yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.

6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about, yet they want America to be like those other countries.

The above is just six conundrums of Socialism in America.

We are advised to not judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, yet we are encouraged to judge all legal gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works.

Consider this: We hear how we are going to run out of money to pay Social Security benefits, yet we never hear about welfare of food stamps running out of money. Interesting how the first group actually worked and earned their money yet the second group did not.

Skip Thacker


What were they smoking?

How wonderful, a large marijuana grow facility approved in Lancaster.

Our city officials who approved this move should be terminated! All the residents that live around this Trojan horse have to smell this crap wafting in the air.

You can’t get a job if you have marijuana in your system, but by golly, the greedy sellouts in city hall approved this?

What message does this stupid idea of puffing this junk send to kids? Oh, the city just encouraged dumbing down our kids more. This is a gateway drug and makes you slow and lethargic. I wonder if the city council puffed on this weed when they approved this monster?

Rory Stilson


Makes sense

Let me see if I have this correct. The Russians colluded with the Trump campaign in order to elect Trump and defeat the Democrats, who are pushing to have a government like the Russians.

Sure, now I get it, that sounds logical.

Vance Kirkpatrick

Leona Valley

Be free or be controlled

Social media or Socialism? The public seems confused and think they are the same.

Social media is where you can express yourself on any topic with mostly unknown like thinkers. Socialism, according to Websters Dictionary, (condensed version).

All properties own by the state that have complete control of the distribution. No private property.

With Socialism, there would be no social media. You would have no voice and you would be told what to think and say because the government controls everything.

Do not confuse the two. Be free or be controlled.

Thomas Gallagher


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