Nixon was in  on the ‘hoax’

In late July of 1969, I was seven years old looking though my little telescope at the moon where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were in the process of landing Eagle on the surface.

My parents were downstairs on the screened porch watching it all on black-and-white television.  

I was looking at the Sea of Tranquility, pretending I could actually see them on the surface.  

I remember how excited everyone was as we accomplished what was once considered impossible.

I want to encourage everyone to see “Apollo 11,” which is a documentary currently in theatres, which covers the entire mission from launch to splashdown.

It was even better than I thought it would be, including footage I had never seen before, like the rendezvous and docking of Eagle and Columbia in lunar orbit, after leaving the moon’s surface.   

High quality 70 mm film of the take-off and orbital insertion. Classic split screen work and a time capsule of human achievement.

If you can’t see it in theatres, I believe it will be released on DVD in May. It should be required viewing in all schools.

Maybe Stephen Curry, who proves talent and intelligence don’t always coincide, could take a couple hours out from shooting hoop to see the “hoax” of the millennium documented.   

It’s nice to remember an otherwise tumultuous time in American history where we actually accomplished something great together as one race of people — the human race.

A plaque on the lander has inscribed, “Here men from the planet earth first set foot on the moon. July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.”

It was signed by the three Apollo 11 astronauts and President Richard Nixon.

Wow, we even let Nixon be in on the hoax.

Mitchell Seyfer


Follow the rules

So now our opinion’s are welcome, as long as we adhere to the VP’s rules and do not deviate, or they will edit parts out. How is that really our opinion, then?

To make things short, some sayings are: Be careful when you follow the Masses. Often the M is silent!

Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but that gets boring, so I go back to being me!

Robert Teller


Editor’s note: The letter-writing guidelines are printed each Sunday. It clearly states, “All letters are subject to editing.

Is that the case?

Have we reached the point where anyone running for president has to be a person who has been spayed or neutered?

Jim Brock


No savings

Choice Energy — humbug! I just got my bill, I’m on level pay with SCE (Southern California Edison) and pay $141 per month. My Choice Energy bill was $171. Where is the 2% savings?

Everything at my home stayed the same (no AC or other high-draw items). I would rather stay with SCE.

Terry Salsman

Quartz Hill

Seeing the light

The voters who voted for Trump hired him to “shake things up” not “mess things up.” The problem is that Trump doesn’t seem to know the difference.

But if the 2018 midterm election is any indicator, the voters have begun to realize that fact and have taken remedial action.

Even the Republicans are growing tired of Trump’s hateful, derisive, divisive, abrasive, factually incorrect statements, as well as his broken promises regarding the wall, healthcare, Social Security and the national debt, to name a few.

Marty Scepan


Leftist media claims

In response to your editorial about Trump and Fox News of March 15, 2019.  

Before Trump was ever thinking about running for president, it was very obvious to me, that the news media was totally on the Democrats’ side.

I’m talking about all news networks. They covered up and swept under the rug, the underhanded, back door dealings of the Obama/Hillary era and still do to this day.

We have an overwhelming leftist media. Leave Fox News alone, it’s the only trustworthy media coverage you can count on to tell us what other medias leave out. You always hear the rest of the story.

One American News is another source of true journalism and tells the entire story, not what other networks want you to hear.  Lara Logan, former chief foreign affairs correspondent of CBS stated, 80-85% of newscasters and journalist are registered Democrats.  

There is an imbalance of political views in the mainstream press and coverage of President Trump is overwhelmingly negative. If you can’t see this, then you must be one of them.  

Judy Watson


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