Hurt feelings and no caffeine

My feelings have been hurt at least twice in the past week.

Where do I go to use someone? No one in particular, just the vast left-wing stupidity.

I haven’t even been to Starbucks!

Kathleen Flynn


It’s only getting worse

Terrified animals, lost dogs, one being hit and killed by a car, fires, animals and humans at risk of injury and death and many other horror stories that we don’t even hear about. All because of fireworks, especially illegal, with the excuse of so-called celebration.

Every year is the same and getting worse. Please, stop the cruel, senseless insanity.

Kay Hopkins


Your tax dollars at work

Democrats voted to fine Americans for not buying heath insurance, when Obamacare was enacted.  

Now, Democrat candidates want to give illegal immigrants health insurance for free. Can you tell where you stand? At the bottom of the list.  Illegals take top place with these candidates. If you were one of those people, who couldn’t afford health insurance for your own family, do you want to pay for someone else’s, that are not even citizens of the United States.  

Your tax dollars at work. Is this how you want your money spent?

Judy Watson


No clue

Climate scientist and earthquake scientist have one thing in common. Neither one seems to have any idea what they are doing.

Ed Bradfield


Spending wisely

I found the comments by Representative Katie Hill interesting in the article in your paper and in a post on Facebook.

Ms. Hill believes that the nonprofit organizations, that handle emergency services and homeless programs, are better equipped to deal with the migrants at the border and the homeless in our community.

Ms. Hill bases her knowledge of these problems as former director of PATH, a nonprofit that handles homeless issues. I believe the organization paid her $175,000 a year as director.

This same organization is building housing in Hollywood at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollar per apartment if a recent newspaper article can be believed.

This is why I believe that, in this instance, the government should oversee these problems and not turn them over to nonprofits.

The nonprofits get grants from the government to provide services, they pay high salaries, get involved in real estate transactions and make money off homeless programs for years as the providers.

Wouldn’t it be more cost effect to have the government, who already have employees on the payroll, deal with these problems and save money? Also, the government has to oversee these projects anyway, too.

We have the funds to deal with the homeless and migrant issues. We need to spend them more wisely with the right people.

Michael P. Rives


What has he done?

Some people just love to point out that Congress has done almost nothing in the past six months.  

In reality, this is not the case. The Republican Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, has indeed done very little. But the Democratic House, led by Nancy Pelosi, has been doing a bang up job.  

In addition to continuing to investigate the massive amount of interference by the Russians in the 2016 election to destabilize our democracy and get Donald Trump elected, the Democrats have passed more than 100 pieces of legislation in areas such as immigration, health care, making certain our first responders on 9-11-01 don’t lose their health benefits and to keep Trump from waging war against Iran without seeking approval from Congress.

Mitch has refused to consider bringing these bills up for a vote because the results might upset Trump, or because voting against this legislation might further weaken some vulnerable Republicans who are running for election next year.  

What has Trump been up to? Well, he went to a big meeting in Japan to discuss important issues with our allies. What he did was to meet privately with Vladimir Putin, the president of China, and his buddy, Kim Jung Un. Boy does Trump love those dictators.

Ralph S. Brax


Illegal fireworks

My husband and I, who are senior citizens and have lived on the east side of Palmdale for over 30 years are appalled at the inconsiderate people who live in our community.

I have no idea, paper said 45, how many fines were issued but the night of the 4th but between Ave. R and Ave S east of 47th St East, there were hundreds of illegal fireworks being set off.  

One of them shook our house and terrified our pets. The next morning I found two large pieces of one of the illegal fireworks on our wooden deck off of our bedroom upstairs.

If this had started a fire who would I go after?

Putting the fine information in the paper is a waste of ink as most of the people who set these illegal ones off do not get the paper. Safe and Sane fireworks are not the issue so the schools and clubs that sell them should not be punished.

Judy Grizzell


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