We’ll see

Several weeks ago, AV Press reported on the Lancaster City Council decision to grant Wonder Grocery Market a conditional use permit (CUP) to sell alcohol. This decision was made on appeal after the Planning Commission decided to reject the CUP request. In essence, the City Council rescinded the Planning Commission’s decision.

Today, we learned from the State Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) that Wonder Grocery Market is located in a census tract that should have no more than four off-sale establishments but instead has six. In addition, its crime rate is exorbitant and far higher than what is recommended by ABC which is 295 crimes or 120% of the city’s average crime rate. Instead, the area had 593 crimes in 2016, the last year for which crime data is available.

The rescinding of Planning Commission decisions by Lancaster city council is not new. This is very troublesome and the question we have is, Why? Why would the Lancaster city council continue to disregard their Planning Commission and, more importantly, disregard the negative impact their decision will have on the residents of their city, especially our youth?

ABC has crime and outlet density thresholds for a reason. They understand that too many alcohol outlets can negatively impact the health and safety of a community. Alcohol outlet density is tied to violent crime and many health conditions like heart disease of which we have the highest rates in the county. In an area that has such poor health rates and such high crime rates, why would our elected representatives allow for more alcohol outlets?

Many years ago we fought for local control, maybe it’s time to give control back to the state.  We’ll see.

Xavier Flores


Rolling in

their graves

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is a master of political maneuvering.

He has successfully, albeit unethically, blocked countless bills from ever being considered and voted on by the Senate.

That one man has such absolute power to control what is allowed to be considered for discussion is frightening. But for that man to be among the most highly partisan in elected office is beyond the pale.

So much for meaningful debate.

From candidates for the Supreme Court to bills regarding Russian sanctions, gun violence and voter suppression, McConnell has skillfully manipulated what the Senate will regard.

Many of the bills McConnell squelches enjoy popular support by his own constituents. However, his recent actions have laid bare his obedience to powerful lobbies and blind support for the president.

He recently announced that he will suppress debate on any gun-related issues unless it has Donald trump’s support.

McConnell quipped, “If the president is in favor, I’ll put it on the floor.”

Following McConnell’s statement, our Founding Fathers did somersaults in their graves.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Blame the liberals for subpar P.E.

Physical education was once an important part of the academic program in California public schools.

The “Sound Body, Sound Mine” concept was necessary for a well rounded education.

I graduated from the Pasadena school system in the 60s and back then P.E. meant physical exercise.

Classes in P.E. started out with the coach taking roll call to see who was in class. Then the coach would check to see if we were wearing the proper P.E. attire which was a white T-shirt, blue shorts and tennis shoes.

Occasionally he’d pull out our shorts to visually check to see if we had our athletic supporter on, and if not, you’d be reprimanded.

Calisthenics (like jumping jacks and pushups)  were followed up with organized activities like flag football, handball, basketball  or other activities. When P.E. was over and the shower bell rang, all of us took a shower.

Today in your public schools, hardly any of this is done. First of all parents can get a waiver and sign off on the P.E. requirement altogether. Kids only need a minimum o semesters to fulfill their P.E. requirement. The dress code for P.E. is practically non-existent and nowadays, maybe a handful of kids take a shower after P.E. exercises.

P.E. or independent study students is considered a “voluntary alternative instructional strategy” whatever that means. It’s a shame that there’s little regimentation in P.E. anymore.

Let’s face it! If your kids are in middle or high school, they’re getting a watered-down education in P.E. and if they’re getting a watered-down education in P.E., you can bet this liberal easygoing mine set has seeped into those academic classrooms as well.

This liberal run state has crippled what was once a great education system.

California schools now rank 10th from the bottom among 50 states.

Dennis Tope


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